1887 Batman , Mohanad Hossam (3d)


Title: 1887 Batman

Name: Mohanad Hossam

Who doesn’t love batman ! For me he is the absolute superhero so i decided to design my own version inspired by the Victorian era and steampunk style,
Everything is modeled and hand painted inside Zbrush, Except for the long sleeve top and pants where modeled inside marvelous designer,
Rendered inside 3Dsmax with Vray.


Marvelous Work.


great work … i loved it so much


Fantastic work. Love it.
I gotta say though, I do find the hands quite small proportion wise?
But then again, I tend to make them big.

Fantastic work none the less.


Awesome! JWRodegher might be right about the hands, verify scale against size of the head (it should cover the face. When you put the palm on chin, the middle finger should reach hairline)

If i had to throw in my 2 cents i’d add that some of the scratches on the grappling hook seem out of place, mostly the ones that are seen in recessed parts, they wouldn’t have such noticeable wear as the exposed areas. I guess it’s no big deal since it’s not really visible in the piece anyway!