15 year production artist, rekindling 3D work


I’ve worked at our small family owned graphic design studio since. I graduated college in 2007. I’ve mostly worked in illustrator and photoshop, with a bit of motion graphics and animation.
I love our company, and I like my work, but it’s a far departure from the 3D modeling and animation I studied in College.
I’d like to begin working in 3D again, and make some character and creature models in Maya.
I’m very interested in catching up with modern workflows, and am excited about things like using zbrush and retopology to quickly make detailed models that animate well.
I’m sure I’ll have a million questions along the way, so hopefully this site will be a good resource :joy:


Have you looked at MakeHuman? It integrates well with Blender and recently added some new updates with insane enhancements to textures.