$100 off Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins


Hi all,

We’re pleased to announce that Turbo Squid is now a CGSociety corporate partner and is offering all CGSociety members $100 off any Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in!

Information on the Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins are available here:

Email Helen Snoswell with your CGTalk username and email address - helen@ballisticmedia.net to get a coupon code for use on the Turbo Squid website.




Hey Leonard,

is that a one time offer… or does that stand for several purchases ? …like 100 bucks discount if I buy afterburn… then an other discount if I buy dreamscape… etc, on and on ?



PS : I see… coupon… might be just one. But in theory… is that fraud to create a bunch of CGTalk account, then suscribe to CGSociety, to get more coupon codes… to get more discount ? :slight_smile:


In my box for 3dsmax 6 there was one of these, and then another when I got the max 7 upgrade.
But it’s always nice to know that there is a place to get just one more if I need too :slight_smile:

And btw, they don’t stack… haha


How long does it take before we get answer from Helen, I sent my email yesterday and still waiting for my coupon or an answer


According to your post, “Yesterday” was Friday. Due to the time difference, Friday in Canada is Saturday in Australia. Try waiting past the weekend and you might get an answer when she gets back to work on Monday :slight_smile:




I got coupon code from Hellen, but where I must use him when buying some plugin from turbosquid.com ?
I tried to contact with turbosquid support, but for some reason they don’t reply… :cry:


I bought ACT from TurboSquid and told them about the ad here. They gave me the discount just by checking CGTalk. The sales rep I was working with was surprised and had not known about it. I bought it back in mid-December.

CGSociety has been great for me with discounts. I got a couple of BOXX laptops and a RenderBOXX and used the discount they offer to CGSociety members. For a $60 investment over two years I have saved several hundred dollars.

Don’t contact tech support at TurboSquid. Contact a sales rep instead.


Just recieved an email from Helen that they ren out of coupons atm :frowning:

[color=navy][font=Arial]Our current coupons expired recently, and we are waiting for some new ones. I will get back to you as soon as I hear.[/color][/font]

[color=navy][font=Arial] [/color][/font]



I just got the $100 discount applied to AfterBurn by calling Turbo Squid’s general number and asking about the discount. I was transferred to Chris LeBlanc, who took down my user names with Turbo Squid and CG Society, as well as the product I wanted it applied to. I quickly received an e-mail from Chris stating that the discount was setup. As soon as I added AfterBurn to my Turbo Squid shopping cart, the discount was applied automatically.


I got in touch with Chris too for my discount and from that moment on everything went smooth as silk! very dedicated and helpful person indeed!

kind regards,



Hi there!

I got a coupon-code from Helen this morning and got into touch with turbosquid support section on how to use this code, if purchasing a plug-in with my credit card.
All information I received from them was:

the instructions should be on the back of the coupon.

Not really that helpfull to me :sad:

What might’ve been going wrong?

No more problems. Drew Gunning from Turbosquid sent me the right promotion url.


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