1/30: Abandoned magic college


Hello guys! This is my first entry to the challenge, a personal project based on the Elder Scrolls franchise. The idea was to design a new space in high rock and put there an abandoned magic college of the psijic order, considering that in this area we could find cloud forests looking to generate an atmosphere of mystery for the player. In this case I want to share with you all the process in order to recieve some feedback too on how could I improve my workflow.


Assets: Design / studies

Building silhouettes: Rough ideas

Composition Thumbnails:

Final result (wip): Looking to generate a feeling of astonishment in the player when finding the building

and that’s all for now :slight_smile: thanks for reading!

Welcome! What are some of the challenges you have with environment

Awesome! Happy to have you here participating. Look forward to your progress:)


Hi Adrian,

love seeing your thinking process, here are some notes from me, hope it helps a bit :slight_smile:

I did a quick overpaint for the mood, I don’t know if that’s something you were aiming towards, let me know what you think :slight_smile: Here are some points I think you could address:

  1. Since this shape language is clearly visible in the foreground it might be nice to repeat it somewhere in the main building
  2. try to avoid such symmetrical shapes, maybe break it by just changing one side a bit
  3. Tangent :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. I know Elder Scrolls has this kind of bigger lanterns, but I think the building would look a bit bigger if they were smaller
  5. The silhouette of the castle could read better against the sky
  6. This is similar to 1st point, maybe the bridge itself could have some resemblance to the main building, changing some elements would help to bring the image together.
  7. I know this is yet a sketch, but watch for those values, they are pretty dark in the distance :slight_smile:

Would love to see your finished piece!



Hi Kamila, thank you so much for your time! :smiley: So yup, thats kind of what I’m looking for the mood, but maybe a bit more cloudy whit this fresh and cold atmosphere from the big mountains, and the warm light of the sunrise over the focal point. I think I’ll be doing more studies these days to achieve the mood, also to improve my values and then go back to this piece and apply your observations! :slight_smile: