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Looking for Artist for Sci-Fi short movie. [Collaborative Projects] (2)
(Royalties/Later Payment) [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Looking for a Character Artist for 3D animation film [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Ghostly Horizon is looking for a 2D media artist and a 3D artist for ghost characters [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Need a 2D game artist and sound artist to work on real-time multiplayer game [Collaborative Projects] (1)
I need help finishing a 2D, turn-based iOS strategy game [Collaborative Projects] (2)
Looking for a Concept Artist/Drawer [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Comic writer needs an artist! [Collaborative Projects] (1)
WANTED Artist for mobile 2D platformer [Collaborative Projects] (1)
In Need of a 3D Modeler for a Indie Fighting Game - Unity3D - Profit Sharing [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Indie Game Project Needs You! [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Artist looking for hobbyist project to build resume [Collaborative Projects] (2)
Short Film 3d Artists wanted [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Looking for more crew members for animated series [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Programmers, Artists and Animators needed for a high-res 2D Openworld RPG [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Looking for hard surface concept modelers for a 10 minute short [Collaborative Projects] (1)
The Journey of the Waterbear [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Make Animation to Help My Friend Whose Life Was Destroyed [Collaborative Projects] (2)
Competition [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Project Codename: The Game We Love​ [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Looking for Pixel Art artist to finish a FTL like game. [Collaborative Projects] (1)
Film Project with mulitple opportunities [Collaborative Projects] (2)
Artists needed for Puzzle Platformer (From Light) [Collaborative Projects] (1)
A toy product for children [Collaborative Projects] (2)
[Rev-Share Team] Searching for Serious & Dedicated individuals [Collaborative Projects] (1)
[rev share]Code Breaker Games - looking for video game artist [Collaborative Projects] (1)
[Promotional Artist +more] Wanted for SciFi RTS Summer Alpha [Collaborative Projects] (1)
[Rev-Share] 2D Character Concept Artist [Collaborative Projects] (1)
2D Environment Concept Artist [Collaborative Projects] (1)
[Rev-Share Team] Searching for Serious & Dedicated individuals [Collaborative Projects] (2)