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EIAS Techniques and WIPs Lab
Evocative Evocative focuses on taking work that you already have and making them truly excel by having them tell a story and evoke emotion in your audience.
d'artiste Character Modeling 3
CGSociety News and Announcements News and Announcements from the CGSociety - upcoming events, books, discounts and CGS-specific news/announcements.
d'artiste Character Design
CGSociety Member Introductions New to the CGSociety? Say hello, introduce yourself and meet up with other CGSociety members.
ESSENCE Creatures
CGSociety General Discussions General discussions, suggestions or questions regarding the CGSociety. We're more than happy to help. Post them here.
A:M Mini-Challenges This forum was setup for unofficial software specific mini-challenges. Have fun
Legacy - Gallery/Finished Work: 3D (archive) Old gallery - now closed
Alienz - a short film project Alienz - a short film project progression thread
CGProShop Support Forum Support for ESDs on the CGProShop - ACT, MediViewer, etc.
Corel Painter Application specific discussion for users of Corel Painter (www.corel.com).
Electric Image Animation System Application specific discussion for users of EI Technology Group's Electric Image Animation System (www.eitechnologygroup.com).
Hash Animation:Master Application specific discussion for users of Hash Animation:Master (www.hash.com).
Apple Shake Application specific discussion for users of Apple Shake (www.apple.com).
Legacy - Gallery/Finished Work: 2D, Illustrations Old gallery - now closed
Screenwriting, Storyboarding and Concept Creation Discuss storytelling, scriptwriting, screenwriting, storyboarding and concepts in this forum.
SyFlex Application specific discussion for users of SyFlex cloth simulation software (www.syflex.biz).
CA3D 445 Advanced Rendering and Looks Direction
WIP/Critiques: Flash Design and Animation Learn, and teach the ins and outs of flash character or other animations.
Deep Paint 3D / Deep UV Application specific discussion for users of Right Hemisphere Deep Paint 3D and Deep UV texturing software (www.righthemisphere.com).
CGSociety Collaborative Short Film Forum for the CGSociety Collaborative Short Film Project.
pmG messiah Application specific discussion for users of pmG messiah:studio and messiah:animate software (www.projectmessiah.com).
Cinematography, Editing and Directing Discuss film direction and cinematography in this forum.
CGPortfolio Beta Test Meeting place for CGPortfolio Beta Testers
CGSociety Beta Test

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