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Read Me First [Recruitment] (14)
Picture Shop - Burbank - FX Artists Needed [Recruitment] (1)
Maya artist experienced with instancing systems and asset setup [Recruitment] (2)
Senior Designer Immersive Computing [Recruitment] (1)
[Rev-Share] Looking for talented 3D Character Modeler for small survival horror game [Recruitment] (1)
Rigger needed - Quick character rig modification needed [Temp Job Board] (2)
CGTreader is hiring remote 3D designers (PBR) [Recruitment] (1)
Nhair for pearl necklace [Recruitment] (1)
Houdini Quality Assurance Specialist [Recruitment] (1)
Furniture modeling - modelers needed [Recruitment] (1)
Looking for artists for game [Recruitment] (1)
2D Character Painter and concept artist wanted [Recruitment] (1)
Lead Rigger - Brown Bag Films,Dublin [Recruitment] (1)
Concept Art for Low/Mid Budget SciFi Comedy Television Series [Temp Job Board] (1)
Senior 3D Generalist [Recruitment] (1)
3D animator [Temp Job Board] (1)
(Rev-Share/Kickstarter) Animator For FPS Shooter (UNITY 3D) [Recruitment] (1)
ScanlineVFX Job Openings - VANCOUVER [Recruitment] (1)
ScanlineVFX Job Openings - MONTREAL [Recruitment] (1)
ScanlineVFX - **Open Positions** Recruitment [Recruitment] (1)
3D Internship at Luke Halls Studio [Recruitment] (1)
Looking for Maya Generalists for Post House in Vietnam [Recruitment] (1)
Tutor Needed - Detailed Landscape Textures in 3ds Max/VRay [Temp Job Board] (2)
3D render artist needed: single paid project [Temp Job Board] (1)
CG Developer for Photrealistic Texturing, Cloth Physics, Hair, and more [Recruitment] (1)
3D modeler needed: Single Paid Project [Temp Job Board] (5)
3D Character modeler/texturer [Temp Job Board] (1)
AfterLife Games is hiring several positions for a 3D Zombie Thriller Survival Game [Royalty Paid Contract] [Recruitment] (2)
Video-Game UE4 - Human Animator Freelance Work [Recruitment] (1)
UI/UX artists, Graphic Designers, Concept Artists (work from home) [Recruitment] (1)