.ztl to .mud


any one figure out a quick easy way to convert your zbrush tool/model over to mudbox file while retaining all the layers?

i’ve tried to export/import both highest and lowest levels but without really good UV’s i can’t get a good accurate translation. there should be a magically delicious script/plugin that can do that for us.


Here’s what I would do:

#1) Fix the UVs, then reimport it into ZBrush as the base mesh
#2) Export the level 1 tool for use in Mudbox
#3) Generate a displacement map using MD2
#4) Load the exported tool in Mudbox
#5) Subdivide to the proper polycount
#6) Mesh displace using the map you exported from MD2

and probably #7) clean up any artifacts that may have happened during displacement.


I have gone through this process, it isn’t easy but it is possible.

  1. Export out your highest level from ZBush.

  2. Export out your lowest level from ZBrush.

  3. Import your lowest SD level into Mudbox.

  4. Divide the lowest SD level in Mudbox to match the highest poly count in ZBush. (Will be a smooth model, no detail but has the vert index you need.)

  5. Export the highest SD level from mudbox.

  6. Import your Zbrush and Mudbox highest SD levels into Maya.

  7. Reorder your vertex id of the ZBrush model using the Mudbox model by using reconstruct mesh tool 1.0

    (This tool is for version 5.0. I wish someone could recompile it (hint) for 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0. If you could build a little UI for selecting yoiur verts, edes and faces that would rock!)

You will now have your detailed Zbrush model with the vertex ID # that you need for Mudbox.

  1. Export this new model with the correct vert index #.

  2. Import as a layer the new model with the correct vert index # into Mudbox. (Make sure you are on the right SubD level. Check the option to use Vert id.)

  3. Relax. :slight_smile:

No the easy way to do this would be if you had UV’s on your model and you imported in the model as a layer into Mudbox using the “UV Position” option. This would be a LOT less painful but I have had some very bad luck with this. It works on parts of the model and the rest looks like there is some weird noise on the mesh. I think this has to do with the scale of the models I was using. (The math was breaking down.) There is a Tolerance setting that I used but I never got it to work all that well.

Here is my wish list for this. Fix the “By UV Position” to work reliably. Add a “Reconstruct SubD Level” option inside of Mudbox. We use the ZBrush Reconstruct SubD Level tool all the time, it really is a great tool.

I hope this helps,



so that script only works for maya 5 huh? wonder if there’s something similar out there that’s more up to date. or maybe i can find some one to recompile it. and if i do, i’ll let you know.

thanks dude.


We have a version where I work, but that doesn’t help anyone else much.

So I’m good, I just wish someone would recomplie that plug-in for the rest of the world to use.


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