• anyone here used zooRemind?

Not quite sure what you have to do to make it popup when a new scene is opened…

// Description:
// zooRemind is a simple script that pops up a window with a custom message. Its
// an easy way of setting reminders that open up with a scene, by putting a load
// string into the sceneConfig node.
// Usage:
// zooRemindSetReminderUI will open the set reminder UI
// otherwise, zooRemind can be called to just popup a window with any custom
// message you might need. this can be useful for calling from other scripts

so um… how would you call this script to open just after a file has loaded??

thanks in advance!


if you run:


it will pop up a window, where you can add a message that will pop up in a window. its a bit annoying i know, but if you make a shelf button with the command:

source zooRemind;

then it should be a bit less painful. we have a shelf button here at work with it on, and most artists use it regularly to leave messages in their files for other people that open them to do tweaks and whatnot.

you can also use it from your own scripts by calling:
zooRemind “yay for whatever…” “g’morning”;

make sense?


Yay…the man himself!

That’s great, I guess I knew about making a button, just wondered if it could be called to ‘auto popup’ somehow?

Still this is super-useful, I’m very grateful that it exists at all!!



just found this page HERE

…seems to suggest you can do something when a scene opens…

I placed the following line into my userSetup.mel:

scriptJob -e SceneOpened confirmProjChange;

This way, anytime I open a scene, this script runs. It checks to see if the scene is in a different project than the one I was working in before. If so, it asks if I would like to change the project.

I’m a little out of my depth here, what do you think?


once the reminder is set, it does auto popup when the scene is opened. does it not do this for you?

basically, its an uber simple script, it just takes your message, and puts it in a scriptNode which is set to run on startup. the zooRemind function handles building the window, and adding the message to it.

so when you open the reminder window, write your message, save it (“set reminder” button), save your scene, then reload it. does a window pop up with your message?


just had a look at your link - the confirmProjectChange one…

zooRemind is different from this. it doesn’t set a reminder when ANY scene is opened, it sets a reminder for the current scene only. the reminder is actually saved with the scene, and the user is reminded everytime they open that scene, and that scene only. if you want to set a global reminder that happens everytime a scene is opened, then yeah, you’ll have to do a scriptJob like on that uberware page.

if you want, you can add the scriptJob loading to your userSetup.mel file so that it gets loaded automatically whenever you load maya.

does this make sense?


OK great - it all does make sense yes.



np dude. sorry u got the wrong impression.

cheers! :thumbsup:


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