Zoomix, Sergey Skachkov (2D)


Title: Zoomix
Name: Sergey Skachkov
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

This piece is entitled “Zoomix”. It’s an architectural fantasy.

“They discovered a trunk in a garret of an old, derelict house. There was an archive of some traveller in the trunk. This archive contained some maps, diaries, some drafts, and a few postcards from different, unusual places. That’s one of them. There was the “Zoomix village” inscription on the reverse side.”
Comments are most welcome. Thanks!



This is GREAT! Love all your brickwork and funky architecture!


I’m in a bit of a “non-reply” mood tonight, but I just had to stop and give you one Sergey. I think your pic is absolutely brilliant, and such a refreshing style. The lighting also kicks ass. 5 stars here


Really awesome!

The whole design and shape of the buildings is funky and great all at the same time. Great job with those bricks as well!


Nice work as always sergey. Keep up the good work


Great work sergey
Good job:)


wow - the light is beautiful and I love all those little details :love:
Did you use any 3D reference to work from or is this straight from your imagination?


antennas looks like ships mast :wink:
good job !


unique. Love it. very original. Big work on the ground.


Thank you very much for your comments! :slight_smile:

I didn’t use any 3D references.
I have been to the Omodos village. It’s in the Cyprus. I got a lot of impression there. And I decided to do this image!

I’m glad you like! :slight_smile:


Great work. Remember the city of “Legend”.


I love monochromatic images, so this one is a particular favourite of mine. The lighting and textures are really excellent, and work seamlessly together. I love all the little details around the windows and strange antennas… and those bricks on the road are just insane. Awesome stuff!


Fantastic! Very detailed and imaginative artwork. Could serve as a set for a Tim Burton movie. :applause: 5 stars.


Man you’ve got some wild archtecture in you, I’m loving all of it. I recognise Escher and Gaudi in your works but am unfamiliar with other infkluences. Would just like to say I love Gaudi and you make a fine piece of work of your renderings, they’re always fun and beautiful in some odd way.


wiiiizz! absolutely enchanting! well, enchanting may not be the right word but you got my point. the monochrome treatment adds much feeling to this unique scenery. :applause:


the lighting is not working for me ,like, right in the center? there is some kind of incorrect stuff going on there.


Really dream like. The surreal mood together with the fine detail are a great choice.
No crits for me


nice concept.i give you 5 stars cause i like this style.


Hey man! another great piece! I like style very much, Idea is very good too. :applause:


And another excellent imagination-starting piece… I just looked at it a second time and noticed all of the faces hidden throughout (purposely, I assume)… really an intricate little drawing. The only thing that I find a little detaching is that in the foreground construction, there is no very big chunk of a building where my eye can rest, just a wall, or a half-interior, or something, and so I’m often looking off to the background for those more standard buildings. Also, the lighting seems to go by each general area of the drawing, so there are many different implicit directions for strong sunlight, and it’s a little confusing.

Just a wonderful little piece. Has the hard work gotten you a nice job yet? (And just out of curiosity, because concepting is an area I have a lot of interest in, what art training have you gotten, and preparation, and what inspired you to do all these latest concepts?)