Hey guys, this is a head bust i started working on last week during my vacation so if you guys have any thoughts or critiques regarding it please feel free to post and let me know.
As you can see i still have a lot more to do like add another division on the head and tweak more the wrinkles and shapes, add a leather pattern and the thing that needs the most work is the clothing. I made the basic shape in zbrush and also tried to create the clothing in marvelous designer but the problem is that in marvelous the clothing looks too thin and i’m thinking if i should continue with the clothing i made in zbrush or the marvelous one.

Closer look

Clothes made in marvelous


mmm Maybe more neck… seems short


Hey Scote, sorry i forgot to post the ref images but as you can see the neck is short in the ref as well, i did my best to match the character to the reference images.
Someone told me that he look to aged versus how it looks in the ref, did i exaggerate the wrinkles too much?
For the marvelous clothing i found out that in order to make the clothing thicker and look more like a jacket i need to create both sides of the panels and use some internal pressure, never tried it before so i hope that fixes the issue.


As to me, the mask looks really good. He looks older because of his eyes IMHO. While the mask seems to be very close to the ref, the eyes are totally off. Your model’s eyes are very deep and lower eyelids are very high and stiff. So the face looks kinda old, tired and dehydrated. Try to match them to the ref and he should immediately loose a decade or even two.


Right, i spent very little time on the eyes and i made the eyes slightly higher than in the reference i posted here simply because in other reference the eyes appear higher but i think you are correct and i will tweak the eye next.


I’m curious if anyone tried a different approach to creating clothing, rather than starting directly in marvelous designer and creating the patterns wouldn’t it make sense to first concept a costume in zbrush and use that mesh in marvelous to trace patterns from that, maybe even retopologyse each pattern and do quick uv’s and a quick unfold and scale so they resemble the patterns?


Oh, I totally agree on that one. But, as far as I know, MD was initially created to help cloth designers test their concepts. So it’s built around their daily workflow. Just as Zbrush initially had other goals and was not intended for such heavy use in digital production of assets.
As time goes, they will probably add tools you are talking about. And we as a community could show them our need in such tools by sending our feedback. I think couple hundreds of letters from artists will be a good motivator. =)


If i remember correctly back before ncloth, the old cloth in maya worked similar to marvelous in the fact that it used patterns from curves and you created the stitching similar to marvelous but it wasn’t as fast obviously.
I saw someone made a plugin that basically makes ncloth into marvelous so it uses the same pattern approach( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI6F8qm4Y60 ) but yes for non fashion / clothing designer it would be nice to create clothing in a reverse way like i mentioned in the previous post, i wonder if that method will work or at least help me get the correct pattern starting points and the correct size.



Hy guys back after holidays and started to work on the character again and decided to try the method i mentioned previously and so i first used curvs to place all the seams on the character ( probably a better method would of been drawing directly the seams on the character) and then i placed the panels manually as seen in the image below.
I tried my best to match the seams with the character in the TV show but it isn’t 100% accurate because he only appears in 2 episodes when is isn’t blurry( in the first he only appears half of the episode and in the other 3 times for like a couple of minutes) and certain things either don’t get shown or because of poor lighting and the black color of the costume can’t be seen so i had to improvise some things.
Next will do a quick uv map on all the panels and scale all the objects at the same pixel ratio using Ninja Dojo plugin for Maya , i was thinking of also creating a polygon plane that resembles the character height so i can use it as a reference in marvelous designer when i import the uv snapshot on a square patternl to get the same scale as in maya.


Just a small update for today, i made the gloves and tweaked more the shapes( just regular gloves as he has claws in the reference and that will be added later in zbrush), next will have to match the body proportions to the reference.


good modelling
keep up


Thanks Mr-Evil-studio but the modelling on the panels doesn’t necessarily need to be clean as they will be remade in Marvelous, this is just to have the correct size and shape of the panels.


Alright so i started to create the jacket in Marvelous Designer using the new method and it’s a good starting point the only problem is that i don’t know how to get the same scale for the uv snapshot texture as it was in Maya for the panels and also the length of the edges where they will get stitched aren’t exact but with a little tweaking i see this as a good workflow.
In the 2d view below is only half of the jacket as i used the symmetric paste and for the stitches i used a Fold Strenght of 50 and a Fold Angle of 200 just to bring the seams closer to the body, next will add padding by duplicating some of the thicker panels and using some presure, what do you guys think?


Back again with an update and i tweaked more each panel so it has the same edge lenght with the corresponding panel that will get stitched.
I still need to add the fingers of the gloves and that will be my next task hope it will work correctly in Marvelous if not will add it later in Zbrush




More tweaking and on the right is the reference.
After i will finish the jacket in Marvelous i will have to tweak the body proportions in zbrush since he seems wider.




Added interior lines to capture more details from the costume, still keeping it at a low polycount for now.


Okay so finally got some free time to come back to this character and decided to create the boots also in marvelous and i also tweaked the pants to get an interaction between the both.


Added the lightning symbol on the chest and also claws, i’m going to have to tweak the folds on the upper legs as they shouldn’t be there as seen in the reference and will have to tweak more the folds and add more details