Zoom and transform over plane question


Hello everyone,

I have two simple questions about silo (i hope they are simple). Ive modelled in max and lately alot in xsi (which i love). But ive been looking for a more streamlined app since i like modelling most. Ive tried silo before (version 1.2) perhaps but it seemed to miss one very important thing for me (yes; despite all the good it brings too). That is translating over a plane (xy xz yz and so on) trough the manipulator. I searched the forum here and on nevercenters site and it seems its still not possible? I dumped the old version because it didnt have this. And yes, im familiair with tweak and screen transforms, they wont do it for me. Please tell me that i dont have to bind restrict to plane to keys and use it that way. Thats back to the stone age. Reminds me of max with axis selection on f5 to f7. I tried working with a system like that in xsi (each mb a different axis to translate) but its almost impossible to keep track of axis direction when your spinning around the model having fun. The translator gizmo is my world. I dont care wether its implement as in maya (shift click axis perpendicular to plane), like in xsi (click in between two axis and you get the plane) or as in max (bands drawn between axis; sloppiest solution imo). Heck a new way would be fine too. Just plz no shortcuts for this :slight_smile:

Sorry if im ranting but after seeing silo’s “selection highligting” i was ecstatic. Ive been waiting to have that in a “good” app since ive played with that in nendo. I was really hoping that silo could become my new modeller doing away with all the crap you have to go through with the bigger packages so it would be/is a real dissapointment if you still cant translate over a plane throught the transform gizmo. :shrug:

My second question is a specific one. I love the mouse customisation dialog. It just misses one thing. Invert zoom direction. I come from xsi and for some reason zoom is inverted there (dunno if that is with max too). I could get used to it (more easily then not having plane transfrom) but id love it if there would be a solution for it. Just to invert zoom direction. :slight_smile:

Thnks for reading





I quess there isnt an easy solution then. Oh well :shrug:



Check the keyboard options - you can translate/scale/rotate in any plane you like.


Yeah, im aware i can bind keys to it. Worked with max that way in the past before translate over plane through the gizmo got implemented. My question is wether i can get a translate on a plane by the gizmo alone in silo. Without… shortcuts. Thanks for replying though :slight_smile:



I’m not sure if I completely understand what you’re trying to do but you can put the manipulator in edit mode, change its orientation to the way you want, and then pull your entities in the desired direction.

I have my manipulator editing binded to ctrl-alt-m.



No this isn’t currently possible though it has been requested. - Baz


I know what you are saying, I have xsi and that is a dandy feature for sure. Being able to have a gizmo that can use two axis by the selection position is cool. Hopefully this comes into silo some time soon.


Okay, thanks everyone for all the replies. At least i know what is and isnt possible. :thumbsup:



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