Zombie Stripper (Warning!!! Contains zombie nudity)


Okay… So here she is- my Zombie Stripper :D. She is probably about 60/70% done. There are still numerous things that I have to do to her:

• The texturing is about 60/70% done (still quite a bit to do there). I want to give her a bit more of a rotten feel, with more pronounced veins. There will also be lots more blood, especially on her hands (she’s been quite busy eating the living). I also want to reduce the amount of symmetry going on there, as well as numerous other tweaks and fixes.

• The modeling is about 80/90% done. I’m still possibly going to add some more visible damage to her. If I don’t, then she is about 95% done.

• The teeth are modeled but will possibly change depending on what I decide to do to her face and expression- I’ve modeled her face in quite a standard expression for now, but this will change with the texturing and some modeling. I’ll also give her a more horrific expression once I rig her, and set up some morph targets for a few expressions.

At the moment she is 5942 polygons (my budget is 5-6k), with 1 x 1024x1024 and 1 x 512x512 textures.

Comments and crits always welcome.


the wires as they are at the moment.


This looks so damn cool and the texturing is like your usual top standard, Damn awesome!

Keep it up Gary, cuz i want to see more.


I’m not too sure how may updates I’ll be able to make as I’m moving to the UK to work there at the end of August. So I’ll have to get as much done on her within the next couple of weeks. And then I’ll be away for a while till I can get a PC on that side sniffs


I knew this was coming about. She looks so awesome…one crit could be to ease up on the sharpen filter a little and give her a spec, bump, and diffuse map…to give her a more natural feel. Unless this is for a game I would totally understand. (I always give my models at least 8 textures) I am also going to hope she has rotten teeth as well. That would add to the look.


Yeah the sharpen is a bit heavy on some in some areas and on some edges (the top rims of the stockinsg for example)the but that will be fixed with some delicate erasing on the final textures.


Dude, eww. thats so f***ing gross its awsome!! I did not expect any less from you though.

I have to say that i do think the wounds on her stomach and back just seem to generic, they
are non-descipt. I think it would look a little more belivable if the wounds were lighter and had
some anatomy details in them (IMO).

And Congrats on the job in The UK!!! that rocks, I like it when people with talent make it in the industry.



woow, now that im starting to make my own models, is when I appreciate more others work, this is awesome, the textures, are great!!! and dont think because im not a pro my opinion doesnt count jejeje, one day ill be really good…(i hope really soon), anyway I really love this zombie


As a side note: I’ll be making her face more hidious, and a lot darker in areas: the eyes, mouth, etc. There will also be more blood…

thanks LeeSalo I’m looking forward to the work :smiley: … the wounds are also a bit troubling to me as they are… I might actually have some ribcage sticking through… I might make the spine more visible. most of it is covered by the hair… I’ll try to get more detail in there.

danydrunk: thanks man… most appreciated. Everyone’s opinion counts… (except for idiots who make stupid comments and don’t have anything constructive to say)… just keep at it and you’ll be good. Practice is what does the trick :thumbsup:


Freakin’ awesome as usual. I bet you’re gonna get like, thousands of responses like before! Well deserved. Good luck with the UK job.

P.S-Play KUON for the PS2 when it comes out! Your kinda game.


thanks podman.

It would be great to get such a great response again, as it does help getting people’s helpful opinions and critiques.

Thanks for the heads up on Kuon. I’ll have to buy a PS2 in the UK…



Another outstanding model you got goin here! Youve obviously been very busy!
The detail of the texturing on the legs and the girdle is insane - it looks very realistic and sexy, then you look up and see all the zombiness - ugh! Nice work on the attraction / repulsion method of horror!
Fantastically textured elbows and lips too - do you use any photos in your maps or are they all hand drawn?
If i have to be constructive, i think that her head is a touch big - especially her forhead, and the strange curved arms seem a bit odd - but hey - as long as it rigs ok.

Nice to hear you finally got a job in the uk - where are you moving to and where are you working at? With skills like those you could get in anywhere!

Top work!


Oh yeah…very scary. I can visually imagine this zombie with a normal map. A sugesstion for the face. Could you make it even more rotten and twisted… such as you can see her face muscles and torn up lips, probably from a piercing. And perhaps… a chunk of skull missing…


Disturbing! Very disturbing! :surprised But I like it a lot though :smiley: .

Pretty damn good texturing even if it isn’t done yet. Keep it up!


top notch stuff.

One question though, is your poly count Triangulated?


awesome work…a distrubing, but overall excellent!


fights… urge… to… misquote…


Ahhhh ok :stuck_out_tongue: got that out :slight_smile:

Awsome work man!!! Kinda hard to tell shes a stripper from just the model though, if you stick some ones in there it will be easier to tell. Ive never seen a stripper wear panties like that either, and i guess the glitter all rubbed off on people she ate heh.

Once again my faith in my abilty to ever texture fades farther, at least i still have my sick mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Gary

The stripper looks great & nasty . . . at the sametime. :slight_smile: The stockings are perfect. I love the exposed toes! The blotchy skintones are great too. The proportions are quite realistic which I like, I would have expected her to look like a pornstar. :smiley:

Some crits . . .

The breast area skin tones look green/grey in comparison to the other skin tones, maybe add some subtle highlights similar to those on the bicep/forearms. The areola looks a bit blurry . . .

The panties are great, but they feel a bit old school for a stripper . . .

I would dedicate some polygons to modelling indentations/extra detail for the wounds, at the moment they feel very flat and lack some depth. It would be great if you added some bone detail such as exposed ribs, and exposed spine. I preffered the spine on the earlier version you showed me, there was less blood and it seems to have more structure. Don’t put too much blood, makes it look less zombie, and more car crash victim.

The eyes look a bit like marbles at the moment, I think you should add a murky looking pupil/iris and some blatantly popped veins. What could be cool is having the entire white of the eye totally bloodshot.

And if you want to add bucket loads of character, add a few folded 20 dollars bills to the top of her stockings . . It will it seem alot more obvious that she’s a stripper, and will look pretty funny too. :smiley:




Yay! definately! :thumbsup:


Eek - sorry - double post - It was spazzing up.