Zombie rig


Just thought I’d post this, the latest version of my Zombie cartoon rig.

Zombie Rig

The Zombie was modelled by the evangelist himself, Proton.

The rig is made to be used in production, with a couple of extra controls than I often use, including changing hand parenting from the Master null to the Mover null (hips) interactively, and changing from normal IK to stretch IK (Timothy Albee’s method) for the hands and feet interactively.

I should also mention, my philosophy when it comes to rigs is putting in as few controls as possible while retaining maximum control of the rig.

Controls are:
Master: move the whole rig
Mover: position and rotate the torso
Hands/Arms: IK - Hand nulls, with elbow pointer at shoulders.
Legs/feet: IK - Foot nulls, with knee pointer at hips and toe rotator at toes.
Pelvis: rotator
Head: rotator
Eye Target: mover
Sliders: click to bring up sliders for hand parenting and hand/foot stretching

Manual bones are the spine and fingers.

Special thanks to Tudor for his Dangergirl rig, providing a much better shoulder solution than I used to use (I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of using IK for it, instead rotating the shoulder bone manually)

This is an evolving rig, so any suggestions you have lemme know.


You Rock! Thanx for sharing with the community!


Ha ha! I love the pelvis movement :smiley:



great rig… love the arm/legs streching… really cool…
how about adding him your cartoony eye rig?
hope to have some time soon to give him a test…


glad to hear you liked my rig :slight_smile:


Excellent rig Matey. There seems to be a few great 'wavers in adelaide. Maybe I should move there?

then again, maybe not :smiley:

Thanks heaps for sharing it tho’, A wealth of learning!



Thanks for the great rig!


could you give a short explanation about creating the constrains to the hips for the ik hand
i saw you used simple point effector but it didnt work for me when i tried it on my rig (i guess there is some expression involved)…
it looks very usefull …



just to say thankyou



thanks for the rig, I’ll attempt to replicate it using the same model and see how I do…

have you considered making a “walk through” tutorial with the steps you took to set this up? the LW tutorial page needs something like this :beer:

here is a quick pose I did testing the rig.


Very cool (I haven’t checked it out just yet, It’s just alway’s nice when someone goes outta there way to help others when they don’t have to.) LW…great community. :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Dr Dardis: Nah, we’re still too far away from the “real” cities :stuck_out_tongue:

tOmdOr: To get the hands to swap parents from the master to the mover I created a new null that I parented the hands to, that in turn is parented to the master. Then using an expression I set the null to follow the movement and rotation of the mover. The slider then changes it from 0% mover motion to 100% mover motion.

The hand/feet stretching is a bit different, that’s just a simple constraint with envelopes following the slider positions. You could easily set it up so there’s a slider for each hand and foot, but I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Anieves: Yes, I do plan to create a tute on creating this rig, in fact if I hadn’t got chicken pox I would’ve had it entered in last months Newtek contest :frowning:

Since I recently discovered the joys of skelegons I really must share with the world :applause:


woah, dude, you had chicken pox? I’m sorry.
Hope you are at 110% now.

I wish I could change the user name… anieves sounds old:hmm:


Yeah Kretin… You Rock!

Zombie 04 Rocks! (Cool model too Proton)

This is without doubt my favourite rig setup… (and you made it better than the version 3 rig…)

It’s simple (well as it can be) does everything it should,
and it does not seem to break, in awkward poses…

I have not pulled it all apart to see all the details yet…
But it achieves all the things a good rig should…

As said Dr Dardis… There is something fishy in the water in Adelaide… Simply too many talented LW people down that way.

But you can never really have too many…


Someone should make a document with all the rigging methods that are posted on this forum and put it on Newtek’s site. Something that includes beginner to advanced rigs an methods.

totally awsome! :applause:


Thanks mate … this will be very handy to learn off of… It’s nice to hear from someone in Adelaide to… I grew up there and only left it in 99 to take up a good jopb offer here in the ACT :slight_smile:

thanks again,



10NX :smiley:


Thanx a lot:thumbsup: Quickly looked at it (cause I’m very late) and have to say it’s beautiful of cleverness.
Defenetly need to learn from this. Can’t wait for the tut, thanx a lot again:wip: :wip: :wip:


Waw, great work!

Congratulations X)


I really like this rig! I downloaded it yesterday, and it is pretty great! I have two questions though:

  1. To manipulate the spine, neck and head, am I supposed to rotate every single bone? Sometimes it seems a bit laborious to rotate every backbone (because there are a bunch)

  2. Sometimes, when I rotate the bones that control the direction of the elbow or knee, the bones start rotating wildly and I do not have a lot of control over them. Is there some trick to manipulating the bones and keeping them under control?

Thanks! This is a lot of fun to play with!!!