Zombie Girl (contains nudity)...


Update!!! 15/01/2008 on page 11

Hi all…

I’m finally getting to post her now. I started her mid last year and put her on hold to do
my Female Vampire Bust. I actually borrowed from her to create the Female Vampire.

The main idea I have with her is not to go for a full out gore shock effect- though she
surely will have blood on her and a wound or two. What I mean is she won’t have
her intestines wrapped around her ankles or anything that horrific (I’ll leave that for
another porject)…

I ultimately set out to portray a more macabre feeilng with her- I’m kinda thinking of
the spooky girl from the Ring, except more gory zombie than ghost-like. I also still wanted
her to be relatively attractive and fresh and not too far gone down the path of decay.

I initially created a couple of wound ideas in ZBrush and then went with an ankle
wound exposing bone and flesh (you can see an early untextured version on my
website). But, I decided that she was going to be quite dirty, as if having been
shuffeling around in the mud and dirt. So at the end of the day the ankle wound would
kinda be covered up with muck and be pointless. So I’ll most likely go with my original
idea of bite wounds/marks on her arm/s.

I doubt that any of her private bits will be exposed at the end. Though she might have
some of her nighty torn in areas (which I loosely experimented with last year).

Most of the base modeling and texturing is done. All that’s really left to do to is
zombify her… and create her base/diorama… and of course rig her.

I thought I’d post her in a relatively clean state before messing her up. I should
start zombifying her this week, and will post updates as I do so… wires to come later.

I’m aiming at around 10k in the triangle department, so she still needs to be optimised.
I’ll most likely kill off most of the poly’s under the nighty… but that’s for later…

…on to the images (as usual, they are quite large).


Please let me know if the formatting of the above text is messed. I had a few problems trying to arrange
it so that it wouldn’t trail off the page because of the large images.


The muscle defintion is perhaps a bit hard in the arms, so I might soften that slighly, though I did initially think that seeing she is a zombie she might be a bit less fleshy… anyway…

Back view:

Here’s a raw screen grab from Max’s viewport (no normal maps or spec visible).

'til later.



Heh, I was waiting for something from you, I love your work :slight_smile: Could we see some wires? I know you still have to optimise them but I’m always curious… Looking awesome as-is, I love the closeup shot… The biceps look a little pinched together from what I can see but the general anatomy is nice… Keep up the good work, I’m watching this thread! :thumbsup:


very nice mindrot, it’s kinda similar to Your female vamp bust i guess, got some recognizable style. i love her hairs.
how about some good mindrot’ish hair modelling & texturin tutorial? hmm?
looking forward to see more!


Awesome! Cute face for a flesh-eating undead monster :smiley:
Her shoulders seem a little “stringy” when viewed from the front. I know she’d be severely dehydrated as a corpse, though.
The bottom edge of the nighty definitely needs some more dirt/fraying. At the moment there’s actually a light band around the bottom, I’d expect it to be dark and grungy.
I second the texturing tutorial request! Yow.


very nice work,i like it.


I agree with Bartosh. Hair tutorial! You deffintly have a kick-ass way at going about the hair. Ive seen many of your previous models and you really do have a great game hair thing going on. As with the model i have to agree that the arms seem a little hard. Not boxy, but like you could use some some extra edge loops.
Rocking model and cant wait to see were you take it. I love your dark&nasty style you add to your models. Very few others venture down this road. Dont ever hold anything back!!!


Hey mindrot, really cool model.
there is something wird going on in the shoulder are, really harsh lines in the deltoid. I also think that maybe the bottom of the dress could be more irregular and have some folds.
Looking forward for the final zombie version :slight_smile:


I have to agree about the hair. Top notch! :thumbsup:


Hi buddy.
Looks cool … like always. Her face only bothering me. It’s maybe only me, but or there is something missing or sh isn;t in my style. I mean face. Maybe blue light create the face too flat. Or maybe if U will add some vains on her face, some bruise. Maybe green light instead of blue? Maybe less colors on her lips? I’m even have felling that her fingers ( hand) are a bit too long. Damn, u made a stunning work on the texture, normals and else, … yeah I know its still a wip. And U know I;m always honest. And if u could, try to do something with her moustache :smiley: In distance renders those darker place under her lips looks like moustache :smiley:
Its really promising work but IMO still a few thing to do to make it really gorgious. And if I remmember … becoming a vempire make ppl more beautifull then in life time. But U know this … U are a vempire expert :wink:


very nice as usual, keep the renders comin’ :smiley:


This is hot, as expected. I love the face (I’d hit it!), though the first 3/4 view the nose bridge/brow area looks a little odd. Can’t wait to see this progress further.



good work Mindrot

very impressive
I like texture and the anatomic research

Keep it up :thumbsup:


Looking good there Gary. My only crit is that the hands seem a bit long/large. Other than that, niiiice work. And yes please, do a hair tutorial :smiley:


That’s wicked m8 :thumbsup:

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


i think she looks more like a underdressed gothic girl or maybe like an fresh corpse, not like a zombie, lombies have dull eyes and wide open drooling mouths

(thats not a criticism of the model in itself)

shame on me, i should read more instead of watching images^^


Stefander: Thanks. I do want to soften those muscles up a bit.

bartosh: Thanks mate. Yeah there will be some similarities at this stage as the Vampire was derived from this model, though at a much earlier stage. Glad you like the hair. It always use to be a nightmare to tackle, but I’ve kinda found a way around that and kinda enjoy doing it.

Spex84:Thanks. yeah I’ll be softening up those muscles somehwat. The nighty will still be getting quite a bit more love still. As I mentioned I might tear it in areas- to what extent I’m stull undecided.

snail-hz: Thank you.

Mike-Z: Cheers. That’s one area I still want to look at: smoothing out the silhouette. I think that she’s still the exact model I pulled straight out of ZBrush. So she still needs to be looked at. Also the shoulders will get some more loopage. Glad you like :twisted: I try not to hold back. It’s my own work, so I do what I enjoy (and don’t censor myself)…

CataFa: Thanks. Muscles will be sorted. They use to be much harder, but I smoothed 'em down. But I think I might get rid of most of the harder detail as they do look a bit too defined. The nighty will get some more love soon.

FlexGiddy: Much appreciated.

Por@szek: Hey man. Thanks for the kind words. LOL She ain’t got no 'tache. I think it’s just the shape of the area under the nose and perhaps the lighting. Yeah, she’ll look quite dead when I’m done with her :wink:

jfalconer: Thank you. Will do… I should hopefully have some new renders up soon.

LoTekK: Thanks…oooh zombie lovin’ eh? I’ll take a look at her nose.

ocarian: Thank you.

urgaffel: Cheers mate. yeah I’m still wondering about those mits. Not sure if they look too big due to the perspective or what. But I think I’ll scale them down a tad just to be on the safe side.

HellBoy: Cheers. I’ll try…

arrangemonk: Not to be rude, but maybe if you had actually read what I had written first, you’d have seen that she still needs to be zombified. I prefer to create the person underneath before applying the ‘makeup’ so to speak. I wasn’t actually going to post her at this stage, but I thought what the hell, it is a work in progress after all…

As to everyone who has requested a hair tutorial. I’m not going to promise anything ('cause I don’t want to break a promise) but I’ll see what I can do for you all. I do have a rough idea in mind which will be more of an overall workflow than a step-by-step how to.

Anyway… Thanks all for the kind words and suggestions. Everything that has been mentioned so far has been useful and I’ll most likely make most of the suggested changes :thumbsup:

Thanks again.

Updates to follow…soon.



Hi, really nice work…as usual! i can’t really add to the comments that have already been mentioned but I would like to ask about your UV layout…

How do you layout the UV`s on the naked body to avoid seams? I would love to see the t-page…



Hey thanks Antony.

At the moment there are actually very fine seams (look closely). I intially set out unwrapping her with the intention of using 3 or 4 1024 maps. They are still laid out on one 2048 texture though. So I put them all on one sheet so that I could work on her in Zbrush (you can only use one map in ZB 2). But now I’m going to use one 2048 texture sheet.

She’s laid out with the torso split in two. But of course that will be gone when I remove some of the geometry under the nighty. I’m also going to re-bake all the maps ane remove that split should it stil be there once optimised. I’ll also have to add some padding to help with mip-mapping.



Thanks, thats great! So I imagine the seams are down the sides of her torso, and under her arms…where they would be least visible?

So do you use Bodypaint to help paint out the seams, or do you have some neat tricks for texture continuity?

I’m only asking because texturing is one of my weaks areas…