Zombie Fury, Oscar Perez Ayala (3D)


Title: Zombie Fury
Name: Oscar Perez Ayala
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This is my last work,I did the model in max6,
just to define the initial shapes of each model,
after that I used Zbrush to polish the models and add detail.
The textures were done in Photoshop and I used Vray for the final rendering.

I look forward for your comments and suggestions.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Simply: wow. Reminiscent of an FMV cutscene from Resident Evil. The model itself is amazing. Then you went ahead and outdid yourself w/ the textures, lighting, and rendering. Bravo!


thats a creepy thing and i love it, could do whith some more in the backround,
and only one more thing :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


first thing i thought was “Resident Evil”.
can’t think of anything to fix it, other than maybe a dim light post on his right side. so there’s a light source, (an old, bent lightpost that barely can give any much light and about to die away.)
actually, most backgrounds would work on it. good job XD


Hi there,

that is one really really cool model!! i really love it ! looks alive and has strong characteristic. very well done!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 5* from me!



FRONT PAGE i like it a lot i love resident evil and the character reminds me of it ***** from me can we see a wire ?


Man, that’s amazing!! :bounce:
A wire would be nice…Hell, I wanna see the texture as well! This is frontpage, if you ask me!
Hey, send it to ballistic! It belongs in Exposé!

Love it!:thumbsup:


good stuff man! very nice job. awesome detail on the mesh, and i love the texturing…


wow, that’s scary :stuck_out_tongue:
but it looks great, good work


you just totaly killed it on the textures… get it? ‘killed it’. Nice job man though i dont see myself doing this sort of stuff in max… wow.

really cool.


:eek: Simply amazing!! /


Really good work men, nice modelling and texturing, congratulations. :thumbsup:


Im a missive Zombie fan, and that is superb mate…


The textures are just great and the model is awesome. :thumbsup:
Can’t think of anything to crit, a few renders from other angles would be nice.


Beautifully ugly !!! Well done. :slight_smile:


this is great. i too would like to see a wire


Thanks to all for the commentaries!

About the modelling:

I’ve used a medium quality model made in 3dmax, I have cut it in parts and
then exported to zbrush. I have sculpt general volumes and to finish the
proccess, I have exported it again to 3dmax. Finally I’ve apply the skin
modifier for the final pose.
For the clothes I’ve used simple models made in max, and I have used clothfx
for the wrinkles.

About the textures:

To have more quality in volume details, as the face, the bends of the
tshirt, the trousers, etc…I have used 2 bump maps: one for the wrinkles and
the other for the skin and cloth texture.


I love it! its refreshing to see buff zombies, usually they are so feak looking. Now THIS guy I would be afraid of :slight_smile: good job.


Amigo, em encanta el zombie deberian de haber mas artistas como vos que se preocupen por el buen sentido del arte terrorifico. ojala algun dia pueda hacer cosas como las que vos haces y espero ver mas trabajos tuyos.


Opa, que esta bestial! :eek: It’s amazin modeling and texturing, i love the way the skin looks like it’s kind of dry!. the rendering plays with the dark araes. I love this one!