Zombie Fps : The Dead Night


Here’s the first realtime rendering of the demo game I’m making (alone) actually.
Modelised in maya, sculpted in zrbush.
Its self illumination, with diffuse and normalmapping (because of the poornes of the directx shader).
I will work on th tooh, to sculpt it, and improve eyes look…


Thats pretty nice man. How long did it take?


i already had the hand and its textures. It took me 1h on zbrush to scupt it.
I have my special pipeline to create fast head faces, it took me few minutes to have the had I wanted. I worked 3h on the textures, and spend 2 hours sculpting on zbrush2.
For the entire demo, I don’t know actullay how long it will take. Depend on the quality I want. But I plan to make a micro demo of this zombie walking, running like a screensaver, in realtime.


tittle update : lower resolution geometry, normalmapped dirty tooth, self illum eyes glow in the dark for scarry effects, injured and holes on hand, textures and normalmap.


GOOD i like to munch but the skin color it many mate


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