Zombie Dragon


Been a while since I’ve finished anything. Here’s something I did recently:

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Nice work! Love the texture work, reminds me a lot of the dragons from Vagrant Story. :thumbsup:


I like it, but man, that’s a low res texture. Are you working under guidelines or are you just doing low res for the heck of it…ethier way, I still dig it.


ditto! that’s the first thing that popped into my head, especially the one you fight in the intro. great work, easily competes with the best PS1-generation lowpoly+lowres game graphics!


I love the model and the rendering but the textures are in a wey to low resolution… maybe for a PS1 game… lol :D… great model…


Bloody amazing work! I was cringing when i clicked on the post title (“zombie dragon” - cheese alert!) but was really surprised! Its very low res by todays standards, but as others have said, this would have made an amazing boss character in a ps1 game!
Great work.

you should post more often - theres some incredible work on your site!


[color=white]Great work Soul! I love the style!

Hey guys don’t forget that with PSP and DS coming out this type of spec will fit perfect in those systems. A lot of dev houses will be looking for people who can still work the hell out of a low res texture!

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yepp, definatly great work - good characters on your page too :thumbsup:
but the pixelated screenshots make your work no justice. you should activate the viewportfiltering or render the figur to get rid of the pixels.
in max it is the viweportoption called texel lookup, but you work in a different program, i think.
thats why it looks so low, cause there is no filtering and you see every pixel.

i think that his head and neck have a to big texturearea, so the difference between body and these parts are to high. 75% of the size they have now would be enough to have enough details on face for closeups and to fit good to the other parts.


you suck at unwrapping, gothy


yea that would definetly be awesome onthe psp, when that character doesn’t even take up an inch of screen, it would look perfect, nice clean job… wires?


Nice model, textures are great too, but too low low-res.

@Marine: http://slonce.com/ThanksfortheInfo.jpg


It looks pretty cool… I really dig the concept. I think taking the concept to execution it lost a bit however… I didnt see the title before I saw the dragon, and I wasnt thinking it was a zombie dragon. It should be more dilapidated (sp?) and rotten looking… I was thinking it was some rock dragon or something.

The UV mapping hurts it… too much detail put into the smallest part of the model… although, Joe P. Consumer really wouldnt notice anyhow. More space should have been set for the body and the limbs.

The thick tail is cool… looks powerful.

Bobo is right… this type of game art is faaar from dead… the skillset it feeds off of is neccesary for making higher rez textures look even better, and will be an absolute neccesity for the new round of hand helds comnig out.

Whats the ‘obey’ in the texture sheet? Is that a part of the dragon we arent seeing… it looks like its using an awful lot of space if its a signature…

Lets see some poses and a wireframe.


>> To All Who Are Complaining About The Texture Resolution <<

This is a moot complaint, it is (or should have been) obvious that Soul did it low-res on purpose. Thus “too low res” is not a valid crit. Also, “you have the wrong viewport” options is not a valid crit either, as most systems with requirements low enough for Mr. Dragon here probably wouldn’t have lerp tex blending (e.g. the PS1 or Sega Saturn)a Z-Buffer, or even a floating point processor. Also, the nearest-neighbor look is kind of an aesthetic of its own - it clearly establishes the model as being intended for hardware on par with the PS1 and Sega Saturn, neither of which featured linear interpolation. I for one kind of like the look - while only a few games really got it right, they were able to really push their system: in particular MGS and Vagrant Story both had a very solid understanding of exactly what each pixel was doing on-screen, and used it to their advantage, rather than being handicapped by it. I think very few other games from that generation really nailed what the system was able to do graphically.



it seems to lack any real contrast in the texture, and it is not very logical to have feathers on a creature that is dead with bones showing.

You have a bad seam where the legs attach to the body.

Its ok overall, but i would not show such a high res image for such a low res texture, it just brings your work down.

The back feet seem to large in comparison to everything else.

The tail gets thin at the butt, and thicker right after the butt. its hard to tell with the pose its in.

does this creature stand on its hind legs ever? if it does not, the front legs should be longer, or the back legs shorter. it does not seem to work the the back legs being so much longer than the front.

Next time show a wire… that would be nice.

moderators… do they need a wire to post to game art?

Good luck, hope to see some more.


I must agree with Adam Atomic here. The ability to create something good within very rigid constraints, is just as valid as going haywire with resolution and polycount (say a 10k poly weapon with a 1024 res texture) and calling it a HL2 mod.

Think about some of the impressive pixel-art from the early / mid-90’ies, which are good pieces of digital creativity, and still is if created within same constraints today, say 16 colours and 320 x 240 resolution.

Another issue is making models for large scale warfare games such as Rome: Total War (though they use low res poly and higher res texture).


Nicely done. I had PS1 nostalgia when I first saw it. Good use of polys and very nice texturing.

Did you do this to challenge your self with the constraints or is it for a project?


Great work, reminds me of Vagrant Story (PS1 game by the creator of Final Fantasy Tactics).


whats psp and ds?

the model looks amazing …but i think it would look a whole lot better if u rendered it instead of taking a screen…it wont improve a whole lot but u shud give it a god …love the texture.


Nice work. Reminds me of Vagrant Story too. I loved the art direction in that game.


I like the texturing. I think it’s well done. The details looks consist throughout, I don’t really see how he’s giving too much space to unimportant parts :confused:

My only complaint is the alphas on the wings. The rest passes off on quick glances, but the way it looks so choppy at the edges is a real eye-sore. Can you get in any closer and work on a per-pixel magnification to smooth that out?