ZOEY, my latest short animation


I’ve produced this short for an animation contest in Thiland. The tough part is I’ve had only 1 month to finish. Thanks for a great support & idea from my beloved girlfriend :slight_smile:
It’s very simple concept. but I hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:


You can visit myspace, always accept your add. :slight_smile:


Cool stuff! what language is that? I like the rabit character. The over all apeal is good especially for kids.!!


is that the music to loco roto? cool stuff man!


Yes, the music is from Loco Roco. And it’s non-human language.
Thank you very much for comments :slight_smile:


That was pretty fun to watch, I think you hit your goal of making a simple short. The music is interesting although I’m not a fan of it, but I suppose it does fit the concept of the short. Good job. :thumbsup:


Top work!! i really enjoyed that!


Same here!!


A nice short indeed.
Good job my Thai fella :thumbsup: Hope to see more from you.


this is a very cute and fantastic work 5 stars to you.


very well done, simple and to the point,

the recurring theme of the zoetrope even in the title is pretty cool too

my only problem would be that the camera seemed swimmy at times,

for the animation, i think it works well for the style you have, ESPECIALLY since you did all that by yourself,

keep going


Wow… this is so cute… nice work man! :thumbsup: 5*


(forgot to rate in previous post) 5*


aaaawwwww…thats so cute clip


wow! great! Do you have a link so I can download it and show my students? I’m an animation prof and there’s lots of great things going on in your film! I’m thai too! so I’m happy to see some good things coming from my parents homeland!


This is just so cute! :love:
Great short!


Amazing short man, i was jumping with the animation :slight_smile:

Only crit would be when the camera switches from the main char to the rabit nodding left to right, you see the canvasses on the ground, which makes no sens while the canvasses are standing 90° up in the ground.

It’s actualy after the main char puts the canvasses up and starts blow wisseling the pipe.

But damn man seeing all the rest this is just a minor thing, i think you could easely rerender that scene.

Greaaaaaat work!



Thank you so much for your comment, AikoWorld. I’ve already finished re-render that scene. My friends also agree with your point and said that it’s look better.:thumbsup:


Great man…nice song :thumbsup:
and the animation is very simple and well done.

loco roco…mmmm



heheh that was some great work and a mix of 2D and 3D… excellent job. I love the fact you droped in the definiting of the word and also put a little animation of it… it actually made me think of how many people that have never seen or heard of this device…and wouldn’t know the wheel of life… Ha Ha Ha reminds me of when i was a kid and use to grab the paper that came with the wheel and change them to do what i wanted them to do… back to the topic. 5* from me. =o)


Nice work.!!! So cool.!!!