Zhang Ziyi, Serge Birault (2D)


Title: Zhang Ziyi
Name: Serge Birault
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Well, … I know … It’s a very “kitsch” picture ^^

It’s a caricature of the lovely actress Zhang Ziyi, done with Photoshop.
I used photos references for her face. I’ll post it later.

Hope you’ll like it !


Awesome, like all of your art. Nice colouring and rendering.


Serge, man! I love your style. I wish you would do a lot more pinups…+5


There’s places in the painting where your technique resulted in near photo-realism. Awesome stuff man!


Thx for yours comments ^^
Here the refs :


Wow! Papa~You’re wonderful. Western caricature style and Chinese style background, excellent!!!, I like it, very much.


Nicw job!Amazing!!:applause::applause:


really nice expression there i can’t help not mimicking it:D one thing though, it could just be me but i feel the eyes could be a litttle bit lighter. they look a little sick to me at the moment. maybe there’ll be a little more refraction or something:)


yeah~zhangzi yi.i like her,you really well done and give your 4star.:applause:


Excellent work…!!!" :thumbsup:


Haha coooool! Mabe kitch but who cares if it works :smiley: Btw can you send me a little dragon you used to model for the picture by air mail to me in holland?


Perfect work! I like your attention to detail. 5 stars


Thx a lot for all yours comments ^^


Hehe -that’s superb, I love it!


Hi man! Thats a wonderfull picture, sure she´s lovely and the sitiuation is hillarious! your painting is really something as the interpretation of that reference, great job!



no breath for my school teatcher :stuck_out_tongue: !! great job mister^^. Your way to use light and shadows will ever stun me!

ps : love dragons ^:p!!


Leemale and Rawgon : Thx for your support ^^

Jackalass : Thx for your comment ( and “HAVE YOU FINISHED YOUR HOMEWORKS ?!!!” :p)


Great actress , I love her too and you made a great cartoonish interpretation of her face.
I like the little details and the smooth feelings of the picture.
***** :beer:


This is Seriously Amazing


Hats off, this is truely impressive and lovely piece of work