Zhang Yimou's new Film "Lovers"....Trailer inside.


All i have to say is this film looks incredible.

For those who Loved Croutching Tiger and Zhang’s last film Hero should really like this.
It’s more of a love story than the other 2 but still has some gorgeous fight scenes, cgi and Cinematography. The trailer has been around a few weeks i think and is low quality so if someone knows of a Quiktime trailer that would be great.

The Cannes film clip in link above is also a great scene.


House of Flying Daggers.


Yeah…that is the other name for it. :slight_smile:


Man, did they ever chopped down a lot of bamboo trees.


HEY! It’s Miyamoto! (Takeshi Kaneshiro) from Returner…I wanna see this one :slight_smile:


sorry to be pessimestic and rain on the parade, but it looks like mainlanders and any
hk movie buff will most likely hate this movie also. just like the first garbage movie “hero”, zhang yimou manages to make another lemon. I havn’t seen it, i hoped it would be good, but since “Hero” got the same reviews, im guessing dagger’s not a success.


“In its second week of release, the negative reception to House of Flying Daggers (十面埋伏) is becoming a chorus of disapproval in the media and in Internet chatrooms in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Beijing, film professor Su Mu (蘇牧) wrote an article slamming the film as “childish and ridiculous.”
“Most of the audience was laughing in the theater and this expressed the contempt of the audience toward Chinese filmmakers,” Su wrote. In Hong Kong well-known actor and director Michael Hui (許冠文) told Apple Daily (蘋果日報) that only one word could describe the movie ? “crap.” In Taiwan, a movie Web site concluded, “Basically you can treat this movie as a comedy and laugh about it. But then again, NT$250 is better spent on more meaningful things.””


Hero was garbage? I didn’t think so. I enjoyed it alot


Not to get into anything political here, but c’mon. Mainlanders have always hated Zhang Yimou’s films.

I’ve enjoyed most of his films, though they do tend to get a little heavy-handed with the “artsy”-ness. Hey, that was Andy Lau! And Takeshi Kaneshiro! Cool! I loved both of them when I was growing up. And of Zhang Ziyi. Hotness. :slight_smile: I’ll reserve judgment til I’ve seen it.


Quicktime trailer is out now:

Looks really cool actually. I love that highly-coreographed look, makes the whole movie more like a performance.


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