Zero Gravity


Would like comments and crits


sorry guys, doble entry, cuz teh system hang up, i thought, i wasnt working, so I refreshed the process, and guess what, double entries


I think the glasses look quite convincing but the wine and especially the bit that seems to float out of the glass needs some work. It doesnt look like liquid to me which is mainly due to the actual shape not so much the shading. Also I dont really know if you would have a rippling effect in zero gravity when fluids disconnect. Doesnt make sense to me.


you are right my friend about the wine that floats in the air, I have a differnt much better version now, But I really dont know to post that now, it might be too late. but ofcourse apart from that, about ripples, well ripples are not just merelly by gravity, they are also caused by a strong tension between the moelcular structure due to its potential movement, a force indeed but not as gravity, so the pull push affect even happens in outer space doesnt it? we have only seen it however as one object with another, tension/stretch and other forces do operate, though with another mechanism. Im no physisct but it sounds plain to me. But a nice point after all,
really appreciate it. Thanx


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