Zero Girl- (Victory Gal series), Glen Angus (2D)


Title: Zero Girl- (Victory Gal series)
Name: Glen Angus
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

The third in a series of ?? (I don’t know I am enjoying painting these so much) I mentioned I would do one more exotic- Hope this fits.
Albeit the Japanese were not known for putting pin up art on the noses of their planes, but with the strong spirituality their pilots lived by- I thought it fitting to give one of their planes a “spirit” of it’s own. I opted to inter twine the victory gal with the essence of a dragon to add to it’s prescence and tie the girl into the subject matter of the painting better.

Done entirely in Photoshop including the pencil (which is also in my porfolio gallery)

Hope you like.


I love the concept for these images. I think my favorite would have to be the first one. The latest two have been nice but I don’t get the same since of drama and action as I do with the first one. Also, technically speaking, the style is fantastic. It is painted with a master’s hand, but I would love to see a cleaner version of this concept. I know the rough style was aimed at catching the gritty rawness of war, but pin-up girls have always brought a cleaner, more saturated, and almost cartoonish quality to mind. Don’t get me wrong though, they are very well done, and I look forward to seeing your next painting.


Hi Glenn,
I hope that this series wil become printed in some collectible stuff. Its really great subject and really really sweet painted.

One thing i think need be fixed in this one: the left leg. the knee position its seems too down, it makes the upper part of the leg too long. If you look where is the right knee you’ll see my point.

Forgive my poor english and i hope you can understand what i mean.



Wow dude really nice and eye catching colors. The blue halo/glow around the girl works really well in my opinion.


wow man .thats realy nice
great color


Great! this your series starting to be very pouplar:D I like it!


Gorgeous :scream: amazing colours


I haven’t been by in a while so didn’t catch the other two pieces until I saw this one today; I had to go to your gallery to see the others. I think you have really captured the essence of the “totem spirit” concept with these images, and the feel of them is very raw, almost like some of Frazetta’s pieces for war comics in the 60’s. Excellent job !!



Wow, just wow. What can I say; you have already fixed everything that can possibly be wrong with it. I really like your color pallet on this one, but I have to say that your first one is still my favorite. Keep them coming and I will buy your “Victory Gal” book some day. Thanks for the continued inspiration.


Thanks guys for the feedback.

It’s great to know everyone is enjoying these, and good to get the general consensus as well.
I already have the next one roaming around in my head. I will focus on bringing back more of the drama from the first one.

I’m really glad the color pallette has caught some of your attention- I really wanted to work outside the comfortable norm of color choices in this piece.

DArcy1: Far too kind to evoke the name Frazetta with anything of mine associated.
-Glen bows head to the god of fantasy art for forgiveness :slight_smile:

notpill: Thanks for the tip on the leg- your totally right- you should see the above image fixed. Don’t worry about your english- your point was put accross just fine.

brady-scott: Glad you like the series. I have another image in mind based on a post war racing version of the P-51 Mustang that I am thinking of doing extremely clean to contrast the other pieces in this collection. For now I am going through a “gritty stage” if you will call it that. Just having fun exploring some different textures. I did put a detail of this on my portfolio gallery for you to zoom in on the high detail that I put into her skin tones- perhaps that might be of interest to you.

Thanks again for the comments thus far-looking forward to getting more feedback.

Glen Angus


:buttrock::buttrock:what is this … I can’t hold myself …
realy great job … great …:thumbsup::thumbsup:
no word …


Beautiful, but for some reason the immediate impression of the figure says to me “young man” rather than girl (apart from the obvious areas). I’m trying to put my finger on why, because it’s obviously feminine on further contemplation, yet something doesn’t feel quite right about it. This is most likely my problem, not yours though. :smiley:


I love this series. You could easily sell prints of these through any number of aviation or vintage plane magazines. I think WWII airplane buffs would eat these up with a fork!

As for the images themselves, I think the most appealing female figure was in the bomber image, but it’s odd that she’s firing the gun downward. Love the surprised pilot leaning out the window, though. Overall my fave is the P-40/shark image. Though the tat on the “Zero Girl” is great. Beautiful work all around.


Ha! glad you like it though erilaz. Jd knight thought the same when looking at the first version of the pencil that I had in the gallery- I had her back too thick. Since then I was even over compensating to avoid that by elongating the thin neck and softenning the features even more.

If this is your problem - May I make a suggestion- when visiting Hawaii, and dealing with the “ladies of the night”- always look for an adams apple it’s a dead giveaway;)
Ironically I just seen an HBO documentary on how hard it is to tell the difference in Honolulu.
Then I actually ended up going there to sign for a Magic The Gathering event- it is amazing how many prostitutes hover around the hotels at night there. All I could remember was the documentary, and I found myself wondering which was which. The local players thought this was funny as it is widely understood that the more atractive working girls often turn out to be boys. I pretty much stuck to site seeing, golfing and signing Magic cards :slight_smile:



Oh man, I am finally quoted for giving some sound advice and my name is misspelled. It’s JSGKnight not JD Knight. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.

Glen, I still think it looks tons better then your first pencil sketch. I do kind of agree with erilaz though, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I just took the liberty of playing around with the size of her head in Photoshop a bit. I think that the size of her head is still a bit small compared to her upper body and shoulders. Or maybe her upper body and shoulders are too big compared to her head. I am definitely not an expert when it comes to anatomy, which is why I usually avoid it all together. Hopefully this helps and I don’t just sound like a babbling idiot.


Glen Angus, hearing u say that about the fantasy art guys its just amazing because i honestly dont know who they were referign to until i looked it up but as he might be great to you you are an inspiration source for me, i love your work man, and it has influenced my art in so many ways, so dont think that u are not out there inspiring people just liek the others from the past inspired you.

As a fan of the victory Gal series, i would love to see a peace of a tank, or a submarine…this whole concept is huge and its aplications are really cool every time i see one and now that we know that japanese also had their sppirits i cant help but imagine the clash betwin this armies and how the spirits would affect the result of the battle, kinda like the Valkyries of Odin who choose who were gonna die in a battle sweet man keep up that great work


Thanks so much Nagual- I can’t tell you how much that means. Never thought of it that way.
guess I’m older than I think :wink: Seriously though- really apreciate the sentiment, and am definately going to explore this subject matter as much as I can. It’s funny you should mention submarines- as I am a huge fanatic about Uboats and the like- I find the technology and history truly fascinating- so I had already been throwing that idea around.

Sorry jsgknight for the spelling mistake -I’m an idiot- you deserve some well earned respect for pointing my pencil in the right direction, and I went and made an ere like that. Sorry.

as for the illo I did just make the head a bit larger and also smoothed out her front abdomen (I think there was a slight bulge there that could have been playing horrible tricks on our subconscious minds.

*****I tried to upload the revised image to the post but my web browser times out- so I’ve uploaded the latest revised version to my members gallery-please check it out there to see how it has changed based on the great feedback recieved from the CGtalk members.

Thanks for the feedback,



its really great
great color
its very nice
:buttrock: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Another stunning piece in this series! The style is beautiful. I would definately fix the knee. I dont know much about history, let alone military history but I did not think that the Japanese painted pinups on their planes. The series as art is still phonomenal, but if you wanted to keep it historically “accurate” (sounds funny to say that in a fantasy piece) I would keep it to planes that had pinups on them. Great series!


Hello Glen. I would have to say that this is my favorite of the series. Then again, I’m partial to Asian women with sharp swords. :smiley: