Zero G - previz


Hi Guys,

I would like to share my latest work with everyone.

It is a short test to visualize lighting, color treatment, render time etc for a short film I am working on. The film is named 0G and is about a scenario where humans are dealing with the irregular patterns of gravity loss on earth. I will post more tests when rendered.

Created with Maya, Vray and After Effects.

C&C are welcome.



Very nice work! What type of software do you mainly use for your effects?


Hey thanks for appreciating. I use Maya and After effects mainly and Realflow at times.


this is reeeallly nice.

the only thing i’d say is that overall the whole image feels ‘soft’ …is this a low res render scaled up and re-rendered at that size to meet HD requirements on vimeo?

I’d love to see some super sharp areas of that render …a short camera focal length so the stuff in the background is blurred out and the stuff in the foreground blurs out but the stuff in between is super sharp and in focus.

I’d love to see a couple of small components float past that camera fg (out of focus)… something like a paper clip or washer or a screw :slight_smile:

love the little blur flickers and shimmers tho and overall treatment. Hope you do more of this because i for one cant wait to see more! top stuff :smiley:


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the useful tips and appreciating the work. Your are correct on the HD part, the scaling up must have been done by Vimeo… i didn’t even upload it as HD :slight_smile:

This will probably be the 5th shot of the film, so there will be more in-focus shots. Suggestions noted for the near camera floating objects, surely will add more.

This whole thing was originally not planned as a short, rather I had modeled a FORD 1930 A model and I wasn’t able to use it anywhere. So I started taking renders of the car, which looked fine but not satisfying.

Ultimately I though of making a small short to showcase the car and add some fun factor through a story… hehe so much for a car :slight_smile:

You can see the car renders below:


oh wow spectacular stuff! :slight_smile: Is the plan to have the 1930’s ford float a bit in the garage? :slight_smile:

yeah Vimeo has done that to me in the past too lol!


Bang On… that’s correct, the car will float along with the other stuff. I am still working on the ending… don’t want it to be predictable, but this is the hard part :smiley:


that sounds ace. Be nice to see all the dust n atmos get shifted as its lifted… perhaps a close up of the wheel as the rubber flexes when the car lifts off the ground? :slight_smile:


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