:zepedro:'s house


:zepedro: thanx
Thanx for your model and help, I learned a lot from your direction.

Guys pleaz give me some ideas.


please tell me how to use light fog in MR. :cry:


nice renders man ! :slight_smile:

Please, could you measure the room in order to tell me his maya units ?

Thank you indeed :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way, you could see a tutorial about fog in mr in www.motiondesign.biz For me it’s not really clear but maybe you can take benefit from it :wink:


Reallt cool renderings, even if they are not so physical correct, but they are interesting! I’ve noticed only one thing, that is bright light patterns on the floor and cover. Whera are they? It seems that your room is illuminated by the vright sun, so where are they? Anyway it’s really nice. Look I’ve downloaded that scene too and I always was interesting about these diffuse soft shadows? How did you do that? Did you use big area MR light for every window? how many lights did you use? And the main question for me: How long does it take for rendering? thx in advance…


hm… so what? Can you help us? Please we all are here to help each other… right?


I am chinese boy :slight_smile:
English bad:cry:
so scenes…
:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: http://bbs.hxsd.com.cn/user/download/2714397/xxxxxfg2.rar


Hi begger_xieyu,

when i follow your link to the rar file, i see an interface where i have three input fields… my problem is now that i don’t know what these fields are for.
Can u please explain how to download your file or can u please upload it to a english download site or maybe you can post a direct download link?

thanks for your help

greetings Crea


Hi thx but we really can not get the scene. I am from Moldova so for me chinese is really difficult! :-))


your email??give me;)


What about me? Could you send me too?


Originally posted by poly enslaver
What about me? Could you send me too?

:stuck_out_tongue: yes
I send you scenes.:slight_smile:


hi beggar_xieyu

did u send me the email too? i didn’t receive anything :/.

can you please send the file to creative@punkass.com

bye Crea


Hey Creative: don’t be afraid. I’ve not got any mails from beggar_xieyu. If he send me something I promisse I’ll send you too. bye.

for beggar_xieyu: Man, my mail is capohaz@rbcmail.ru. Feel free to e-mail me :wink:


poly enslaver and Creative
I did send the scence to you!:wink:


thx beggar, I will take a very close look to it when i’m at home.


Hi. Creative, what about me? Could u send these scenes to me? Please. i really neeeed them.


If someone will send me the file, I’ll be glad to host it.


Thx Emmortal1, if I get it from Creative I’ll send it you. At thia point you’d better ask Crea directly.


you can grap the file here.

beggar_xieyu if you don’t want your file hosted on this webspace, please let me know and i will take it down.

Scene File

bye Crea