Zelda Fanart


The first character model I did was of Link, so I was thinking how I would approach modelling him now later.
So here is my take on Link. Going to add Zelda and Ganon to this piece later.

This is just a WIP and I am currently building other items and posing him soon!


Here is a quick update of my piece! Just posed and cleaning it up a bit!


Here is another update. Added some groom and some more details on cloth. Moving on to Ganondorf soon!


This is looking great. Love seeing the progress.
I would add a bit of history to your props.


Thanks for kind words and feedback! I am going to add a some damage here there to the items! Currently working a bit on Ganon, so I could get a feel on the whole composition!


Been some time since an update, but here it is :D! Moving on to some background now!


Another update of my Zelda Fanart! Did not like the camera angle on the previous update so I played a bit with it. This caused me to extend this piece with an environment! Adding tiles and such later on!


love the scene you created ! Characters are always taken up a notch when they are set in an environment


Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, background makes thing pop more, but it sometimes end in a circle where I keep adding and adding and forget that I have to finish this :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is the latest update with some textures! :smiley:


Another wip with some more textures!


Here is the finished piece! Going to put out the breakdown soon!