zBrush4 Goz with maya 2011


when i try to move my mesh zbrush to maya maya window is opening and it says file not found. İf i try to move my mesh maya to z brush, zbrush opens a new tool but there is no mesh in my view. at the first it was working. normal maps uv data everything goz to maya right but now i cant even see a mesh. Plz help…


I use it on Mac and it works for me so I’m not much help. I suggest asking here:



actually i did. i am still waiting for an answer. The weird thing is it is working sometimes. So i really cant say anything what is the problem. For example i installed maya 2009 for to try. And when i changed goz path this time it started working with maya 2011 again. Than i sad ok problem solved somehow. But when i closed both apllication again it has started again. I have robot model with too many pieces and i want to paint each oh them seperatly and when i tried goz(before this problem come up) i sad that is it. that was amazing. After i use goz now it feels realy hard to work on my model( export each peaces than make all the connections etc. )i hope somebody can help(i am sorry by the way cause i cannot tell my problem what exactly it is.)


after try too many combinations i figured out how to work with goz. The first thing to remember, you have send your mesh z brush to maya first. otherwise it is not working and maya says file not found. so when you open your mesh with zbrush before click goz you have to save you mesh to this directory


as a ztl file.

After do this it is working like water and not causing any problem again. Of course you have to repeat the proccess every time you open zbrush and maya.

And other very important thing to remember when you are sending your mesh maya to zbrush that mesh must be parent of the world. otherwise when you open zbrush you cannot see any mesh file even it says uploaded right.(in my research to many people has this problem).

I know this not a solition. More like dealing with the problem. But for now it is working for me. i hope this helps the others… Any certain solitions are welcome of course :bowdown: :bowdown:


I heard 4.0 was very buggy. Is this true?


Not true at all. It is probably the most stable and solid release so far.


Sweet. Very nice to hear.

I wish Maya 2012 was a version that included NO additional features, NO more re-programming for making existing features faster… absolutely no different than 2011… but they just fix everything or at least as much as possible… so basically a hardcore Hotfix. Then 2013 (probably have a name change by then) will be the next release that adds more/better functionality.

I know, i know… ignore me. I’m bored… I’m rendering.


OMG saving your file workflow is not going to save you any time. I would continue trying to fix it.

In regards to buggyness.

I find certain things buggy. Such as memory handling.
I swear I could use more memory before.

I know I was able to push some meshes to 16-30gigs for final details… not anymore, just crashes with memory errors.

GoZ is buggy, I have seen a few to many people with problems. But after non-documented configuration seems to be solid. Out of the Box-Buggy.

Layer painting has given me a bit of false hope. After updating a base mesh(goz) all layers are purged.

I have been getting many brush distortions, including clipbrush and noisebrush artifacts.

Overall, it seems to be crashing a lot less! The layers are awesome still and GoZ is handy(would be cool to change material setup for vray though).
I was concerned at first, but feeling like the corks are better than the 3.5 ones such as scale issues.
I was going to hold off putting my energy into it, but glad I pushed myself.

The ability to do some better renders inside Zbrush is pretty fantastic for some people.

It is highly worth the purchase if you are into sculpting/modeling.



It is highly worth the purchase if you are into sculpting/modeling.

Yes, but is it worth an upgrade from r3.5?


yess buggy but not as much as 3.5. somehow i am working more comfortable(no crashes,no weird things etc.) but they are still exist. Maybe this is my problem but i thing it is a bug. When you are working with layers it is hard to convert polypaint data to texture file. When you do that it is coming up with a weird texture. i have to try a few times to do that right.(dont get me wrong maybe my mistake i am still in love with zbrush :love: )

it is not a big deal actually. a soon as open zbrush i click save button. that’s it.

to me yess! :bounce:


-shodowbox is amazing with new masking methods

-if u use animation tools as a blendshapes etc. you will save high amount of time i thing.

-matchmaker and new alpha options wiil be very helpful when sculting.

  • i am not even talking about curves :buttrock:


lol my GoZ shelf in Maya 2011 does not have anything in it.


i read about that problem a lot at zbrush central and the solition is to create that button manuelly. Actually that button just calling the procedure. if you want to create one code is

source "C:/Users/Public/Pixologic/GoZApps/Maya/GoZBrushFromMaya.mel"

but as you can get from the code your mel files has to be exist on that location.


Thanks gokalpgonen,

That did it!


glad to hear that! :bounce:


there are a ton of new things in it. It’s a pretty huge upgrade. The new GoZ adds multiple mesh support too.

I was beta testing and it’s the stablest version I’ve used. Great to see the Mac version reach full parity with all the plug-ins too. I think they will be keeping them in sync now.


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