Zbrush wish List


Maybe some should put up a Pole like this one. However, I am sure Zbrush is well aware and will make good on it’s next release



im agree… but not a poll, a post where the people say what they want…

For example.

a. Multi-texture characters… (the polygroups could be use to select diferents texture maps )
b. Improve polygonal edition… (like meshtools. on max… this way we dont need another software to edit our low poly character)
c. Layers in texture master. ( layers for opacity, specular etc… and an option to paint all the layers at the same time, like photoshop)
d. HUE color edition to all the texture in texture master.
e. and of course… COMPLETELY SHORTCUTS CUSTOMITATION (this way improve our work time and comfort )

and more things

sorry for my English



Thank you for your interest in the future of ZBrush!

We are certainly open to hearing your feature suggestions. The best way to make an impact on future versions would be to send your suggestions/feedback to support@pixologic.com. Please be as detailed as possible in your description.