Zbrush to Maya trouble - displacement and normal maps


Hello everyone,

It is my first time posting here, so i hope that i am doing it right

I am having some trouble that hopefully someone can help me with, as i have been trying to fix it for a few weeks now

The problem is, that isimply cant get the same amount of detail in maya, as i am having in Zbrush.
I do make my UV’s with UV master in Zbrush, and do my maps with the multi map exporter. I have used the same workflow as this flipped normals video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ThBTEc8L_M

I do place my maps correctly in Maya/Arnold and my shape settings are the same as in the video, which i have posted a picture of.
The model that i used thios time is at subdivison 4, which is the only way i get just a suble amount of detail. If i use sub. 1, i get obsolutely nothing.
Also, my normal maps just look plain weird in Maya. It doesnt matter if i do them in Zbrush or Xnormal.

I have attached a few pictures, but please let me know if i need to post more.

Fingers crossed that one of you knows what the issue is!
Have a very nice day, and thank you in advance