Zbrush to 3ds max


I have Zbrush decimated character, I imported the object from Zbrush 4r7 to 3ds max 2017, the topology is in extremely bad shape. Stretched and triangulated. I have to apply rigs animations to the object and the client want the mesh in quads. I also can get non decimated character but that have 8-10 million active points
The character is built in Zbrush, not in maya or max.
How to use zbrush characters in 3ds max, if I have to recreate the topology in max it’s impossible and may take months.
I am really in bad shape, facing some pressure from the client.
Can anyone Help ?


To get better topology on your mesh you could start with ZRemesher in ZBrush. This will give you (mostly) quads.

Be sure to look up a tutorial or documentation on ZRemesher for instructions on how to get the best result.

You may still have to do some manual retopo after this to get the model to an animation-ready state.

Good luck.


If you need to animate this character then a decimated model is not going to work. You need a model with good topology. Here’s a video covering a high poly to low poly procedure using ZRemesher. The author of the video uses Maya to begin with and a few other programs after converting to low poly but all you’re concerned with is the ZBrush and XNormal part of the video.



Thank you so much for your help guys, I was super newbie at that time :stuck_out_tongue:
Revisiting to some old threads would let you realize how much you have learned over the past few years!!!
Thanks again for your help, I was scared of retopo and wasn’t able to do in 3 weeks which I can do it now in 30 minutes to an hour!!!