ZBrush Standard Hotkeys Not Working?


Hi guys,

My ZBrush keeps doing this thing where sometimes when I open my tool the Undo hotkey as well as the alt and shift hotkeys to help me pan around my tool are not working. The other hotkeys like T still work, just those 3 hotkeys do not. I originally had 4r4 but I updated to 5 hoping that would help, but it hasn’t… Any ideas? This is making it really hard to work on my models…


I too am having hotkey issues with 4R5… Specifically Undo won’t work, sometimes all of them don’t work, but curiously enough, the modifier keys always work.


The majority of my main hotkeys all the sudden stopped working too. I can only rotate around my model. I cant zoom or pan…the alt also rotates. Its soooooo frustrating because I can’t work. anyone know how to reset the preferences outside of the program itself???


^I am having the exact same problem


I’m suddenly having the same issues, how was this resolved?


I did restart problem was solved…


I had this happen after customizing my user interface. It looks like something in the process may have caused my hotkeys file to have some entries removed (undo and brush size).

Pixologic has a page here showing the process of restoring the defaults.


I noticed that having Caps Lock on was preventing my custom hotkeys from working.