ZBrush sculpting - Is it possible to make modeling changes to the Sd1 base mesh?


Hello all,

I have a character model I am working on and I followed the following workflow: I initially built a base mesh in Maya, then took the base mesh in ZBrush and sculpted 4 subdivisions of detail on it (I intend to export the detail of the higher subdivisions as a displacement map). The UVs were not finalized so I exported the Sd1 version of the model in order to lay out the UVs properly, wherupon I noticed that I have accidentally welded some vertices in the mouth region (before exporting it to ZBrush in the first place). So while in ZBrush I did all the high-poly sculpting with those vertices welded and I did not notice until now.

Is it possible to make changes to the base mesh (unweld those mouth vertices) and still manage to retain the high-poly detail I’ve sculpted? I know I could export the Sd4 version as an OBJ file, edit the mesh in Maya and then import the corrected mesh in ZBrush and have it reproject the lower subdivisions in order to get myself the equivalent of a corrected Sd1 base mesh. But the Sd4 mesh is too dense and I have problems working on it in Maya as it throws a low memory exception when I try to edit it.

Is it possible to make the necessary modeling changes in the Sd1 version? I have successfully retopologized meshes externally of ZBrush and was able to re-import them but have never tried making actual modeling changes, so I don’t know if it works (and even if it does, whether it’s advisable to do so).

Thank you very much for any feedback, it’s much appreciated.


Hello all,

Here’s an update: I made some tests with altering the geometry of sd1 meshes over the past few days and found no problems, as ZBrush successfully projects the higher subdivisions to the new mesh. So I went ahead and corrected my base mesh and the higher subdivisions came through fine in the reprojected mesh.


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