Zbrush R7- Lasso tool not visible on the right side, next to the Tool menu?


Alright, so I am following a tutorial and on THEIR screen, they have a lasso tool on the right side near the bottom. On mine, that panel seems to be missing.

How do I get it back?


Well, you’re obviously using a customized interface. If you’re new to ZBrush, I highly recommend you revert back to the standard interface until you get used to the program. Once you get comfortable with the program, then you can customize and set everything up the way you want.

ZBrush Interface Layout: http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/customizing-zbrush/interface-layout/

I’m not sure what lasso tool you’re talking about though? They might be using their own customized interface in the tutorial. Can you post a screenshot from the video?

Also, you can show, hide, mask or unmask parts of your model at any time by holding down different combinations of the Ctrl, Alt & Shift keys.


hold CTRL+SHIFT at the same time you might see it,
that UI may not show it because its a custom one,
if your new and your watching video tutorials its best to have the same UI.
alll video tutorials people make should be using the standard UI

i do vids but some time i do have a zplugin out in my UI but its basically still standard