Zbrush is not loading all subtools from saved file or quicksaves


I was working on low poly girl model, almost finished, saved and closed as always.
When i opened my file the only thing that appeared was one subtool that wasn’t even part of my project.
As you can see from uploaded image, on lightbox miniatures there is body and hand i was working on but it’s not loading when i open any of QS or original file.
You can also (barely) see that head in QS file (original file too) was low poly model, not the dynamesh head that is loading.

Even undo history is loading for all the subtools but not subtools themselves
No error message no nothing
Please help


quicksaves save the tool your working on AND all so saves new tools your not working on.
your probably on the wrong tool, look in your tool pallet, i see you all so have 3 heads that look the same,
maybe one of them heads has the subtools.
make sure your all so selecting the correct quicksaves tool


Well I’m not that stupid/noob :wink: Also there are only 2 of these heads and if you look closely both are highlighted as if they were selected and they act as one tool too (can’t switch between them or even delete them because zbrush crashes if I do). The bigger one shows selected tool, it’s not part of tool list so I’m not sure how familiar you are with zbrush interface. I also said none of quicksaves work, even if they were made on older sessions that i saved and loaded with no problems before. As if they were all screwed up by last session save.
It was low poly model so it took me all night but I did it again from scratch since no one could help me. Thanks for reply anyway.


hi knob:applause:
look at where your subtool should be? it says >unused 1 unused 2 ect ect
same thing i get when i open up zbrush 4R8 .zbr files into zbrush 4R7
your pic shows zbrush 4R7

maybe your quicksaves folder is using zbrush 4R8 AND 4R7 and or the version your using
Some files are not compatible so they wont work.

zbrush saves a lot of setting so even if you could load zbrush 4r8 files like the Chisel3D1 Brush into zbrsh 4R7 it would never work,
its called impossible.

maybe to help solve your problem load the files in Zbrush 4R8 OR the version you made them in then save as a ZTL or obj,
there more compatible with both versions…
some times clicking inside the UI on corrupted files may cause zbrush to crash so you may need to make a macro to save,
if that dont work go to zbrush central and ask for a increment saving with IFREEZE command
ifreeze command may stop it from crashing.

.OBJ is the better choice but you lose a lot of your zbrush setting,

.ZTL will normally work and be a better choice but it may not work some times in both versions

running ZPR zbrush project in both version back and forth is going to be nothing but troubles
because they save a lot of settings that may not be compatible…

running older VERSIONS i dont think even pixlogic supports.

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I don’t know what you are smoking but it’s hard to make sense of your post, sorry
Some of it might be helpful if I had 4R8, which I don’t
Again, I finished the model allready and stopped saving as ZPR for good measure
But thanks again for trying