ZBrush GoZ plugin for R20?


Sorry for posting here but I sometimes find it hard to locate info in the pixologic forums.

Anyone know if there is a working R20 GoZ plugin yet?


There’s a long thread on ZBrush Central lamenting the fact that it still doesn’t work. So the answer is that it doesn’t work. I wish Maxon would take some responsibility for getting it working like Luxology does for Modo.


i’ve coded something.
It only work the first time cinema4D is launched, after that, you have to press a button to “force” the update of the mesh.
You also got a button to export to zbrush.

right now, i didn’t search further for a better solution.


Thanks Valkaari! Will give this a try. Im sure the rest of the zbrush/c4d community will be happy to see this.


yes unfortunately still not available. sounds like they want to improve and rewrite the goz (goz 2?) plugin sometime. thank you valkaari, i will try


Have you tried the bridge plug-in from Insydium. It works for some third party plug-ins.


From Cinema4D point of view, GOZ is just two Coffee script.
Maxon stopped supporting coffee because now we have python and cinema4D must move foward.

I didn’t tried insydium bridge yet but i doubt about it to work.

I’m happy if my tool can help while a better solution is found.


doesnt work with the bridge unfortunately


Valkaari’s tool works, put it your cinema 4d r20 plugins folder. It’s not perfect, you have to manually import / export from zbrush… but way closer to perfect than it was.