Zbrush displacement map



I wanted to know how to creat a displacement map in zbrush 2.0, i have no idea how to use it so can someone help me. I tried to find info on it the Practical Manual but couldn’t find much.



well theres a zbrush forum here , and also check pixologics website…they got a wack of tutorials at :

also the program itself has documentation on this .


There isn’t a zbrush forum here. Is there? is it hidden?


there is a cool Zbrush2 forum coming to CGTalk, i remember reading a thread saying they are working with Pixelogic to make it an official something of another… forum…? anyways, its coming.


From Leonard’s Siggraph report: Our dear friends at Pixologic were showing off new features of ZBrush 2.0. Yes folks, we met and will be setting up our CGTalk ZBrush forum as soon as we recover from SIGGRAPH!


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