Zbrush complete help document/reference


I started learning ZB recently. There are many great tutorials available out there, and I have to say that suddenly I have found myself making art pieces I hadn’t even dreamed about. Thanks to the tuts.
But I have not been able to find any complete reference or help file that contains the description of EVERY tool available in the application, and because of that my knowledge is constrained to the tools I get from the tuts.
¿Does anyone know if there is any downloadable (complete) help file or reference, just like in most apps?
You know, I really love references…


I don’t think you will find a single video that covers everything in ZBrush as it’s just so big a program. You will find tons of videos on different aspects of ZBrush on Youtube. If you want structured videos you might consider Digital Tutors. There are also some very good and comprehensive books on ZBrush.


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Oh, no… I did not mean a video. I understand a single video about that would be millenniums long… I was more exactly referring to an html help or (even better) a .chm file. A book (.pdf) would do as well I think… Would you name some nice book you know of this topic? Thanks man!

And…Looks like Informerman’s got a nice one! The provided link looks promising… but it is yielding a Connection Timed Out error right now. I will check again later. Thanks a lot. That could be what I am looking for.:slight_smile:


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