Zbrush and Lightwave


I just saw this on the zbrush forum : http://www.pixolator.com/zbc-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=012825

i love the result he got, have some of you experienced Zbrush ? is it easier than Lightwave for texturing ? (i’m not too found of texturing in Lightwave, not very intuitive).


Never tried Zbrush, but JS is back, and you gonna love his last work :


I’ve played with it for a while, however, I could not get past the absolute HORRID interface. The people that do and produce marvelous work are mindboggling. I can’t get past the HORRID interface. It’s really that bad. From what I’ve read, they are going to change it in the new version, so at that time, I will look again at it. For now, I will admire from a distance. :slight_smile:


I’ve got ZBrush but I also hate the interface and so I rarely use it. I’m waiting for the new release so that I can upgrade, because apparently they are changing the interface.

It’s a fantastic tool though - I’ve played around with it before for adding detail to my LW models. The most incredible thing is the ease with which it handles models with REALLY high poly counts.

The texturing tools are cool too, although I’m not majorly fond of painting in 3D unless I have to (I have Deep Paint 3D and Body Paint as well - both fantastic programs but I rarely use them).

At any rate I’m looking forward to seeing the new ZBrush.


Originally posted by -JT-
i love the result he got, have some of you experienced Zbrush ? is it easier than Lightwave for texturing ?

In a way you could say it is easier, but you can’t really compare the two. In LightWave you can set the UVs and apply the texture but the painting itself gets done in another program, where as with ZBrush, you usually do the painting in the program. It has its cons too. I just played a bit with the demo so I’m no expert, but It’s quite different from LightWave and takes some time getting used to and to know what to do.

It also comes with Zscripts that can really help out, sort of like tutorials.


From what I’ve seen, Ken Brilliant usually does his UV mapping in another program (probably Lightwave), then paints his model in ZBrush. His reason for doing this is because ZBrush’s native UV mapping is similar to Atlas mapping, it basically spreads yours polys all over the place. If you look at a native UV map from ZBrush you can’t really tell what is what. Which is fine if you’re only going to paint in 3d, but if you want to touch up your texture in Photoshop you’re in trouble.


Originally posted by Leigh
[B](I have Deep Paint 3D and Body Paint as well - both fantastic programs but I rarely use them).


Have you thought of selling either of them?

I remember you saying you didn’t have sasquatch…Interested in a trade in any way?


Hrgiger - I can’t sell them because they are both NFR licenses (they were sent to me by the developers for free so I cannot sell them) :slight_smile:

I do have Sasquatch now by the way - why do you want to get rid of yours? I use mine all the time! Characters suck without hair, hehe :slight_smile:

Perhaps next year when I have more time for playing around and experimenting with things I’ll get more into them (especially BodyPaint), but right now I’m sticking to what I use best (Photoshop) because of time constraints :slight_smile:

Btw check your PM’s if you haven’t already.



I actually don't want to get rid of Sasquatch but I've been looking to sell it lately just because I need the money.  Buyers have been slow so far so I thought I might trade for a 3D paint app which I really want.  You're right, characters suck without hair a lot of the time but there are other ways to do hair if you have to but not so many easy way to paint across seams in your UV's. Just my thought process.
Got your PM:thumbsup:   Thanks.



Im very interested in Zbrush for another technique to add to the toolkit. I hear the next version will have better texturing with reference to the normal mapping.

Good thing to hear about the interface, it is pretty bad.



I’ve owned ZBrush and lightwave for about one year now, and use it to paint simple 3d models (like screws, and bottles). Any thing too complex (multi limbed organisms), or textures as high as 4096 by 4096, and the bugger will crash, every, single, time.

Just like the instability problems which seem to be posted with regularity on the Newtek forums, Pixologic says they are “working on it.” However, judging from the extraordinary progess Pixolator and Co. have shown from 1.23 to 1.55b, I’d say they, at least, are sincere.

As far as the interface goes, I wonder why users here feel its horrid. Other than the tiny text, its fairly customizeable. You can drag just the functions you need from each pallette, into your own pop-up type menu, and close off the side pallettes all together. Plus, to get new users started, you only need to press <ctrl> while hovering your mouse over a tool to get a detailed description of what it does and how to use it.

Lightwave, on the other hand, requires 800 lbs of manual, and $1200 additional investment in video tutorials to learn how to model humans and texture frogs. Blech.

Check out the “Quicklinks” on pixolator.com. You’ll find one of the most extensive tutorial sites for any piece of software anywhere, for free.

Like with any program, the longer you use it, the easier, and more sensible it feels.

Though nobody cares, I say ZBrush is the most enjoyable 3d program available today. You can truly have an unlimited number of polygons in any scene on basically an prehistoric rig. (I’m running a 1Ghz PIII and can ‘snapshot’ millions polys into one scene. Though once snapped onto the canavas the 3d models become 2.5D pixols. Since I’m only into creating stills, and absolutely hate the animation process, it doesn’t much matter.


ZBrush is an excetional stand alone program, and works well with simple geometry from other horrid apps. But, its “texture master” 3d paint process feels too premature and unstable for any in depth, photorealistic-style texuring.

Then again, 3d texturing was never what this program was meant to be. ZBrush is about idea generation, and intricate concept art / 3d illustration and having fun.

At least for an anti-animator like me.

Right now, if you’re looking for a 3d paint app only, perhaps Bodypaint 2 will be more to your liking.

Good luck with your decision.


How much u want for yeer fur? Sasquatch that is.


I got the zbrush demo and have in the past hour built 3 incredible cool underwater creatures but since I am no good at texturing its hard to make them look that much better.


Ravioli_rancher: You have to follow some guidelines if texturing zsphere objects (multi limbed organisms). If you don’t follow them, yes it will crash every single time. Check the troubleshooting section of ZbrushCentral.com. Also set the Preferences::Compact Memory to something close to your free system memory.

I’ve been using ZB 1.55b pretty intensely this last year or so and have only had a single crash. Version 1.5 was a different story though.

I had issues with the UI to begin with, but what they were I cannot remember. It feels so natural now. However if you use the UI as it is straight out of the box, it is not very friendly. Customize it, change the layout, Ctrl+click+drag the functions you use, hide the rest, expand all the palettes from the outset… well you get it, put a little effort in and it might be more comfortable for you. Horrid UI? Hmm, personal taste I guess.


I’ve got the Zbrush demo myself. OMG the interface is terrible. I tried following the tutorials but I can’t perform half of the steps because something is grayed out. That was also highly frustrating. I do see myself using zbrush in the future, strictly for it’s displacement ability but right now, I can’t get into it.


Thanks for the answers, does anyone know when the new version is out ? (with the new ui)


Originally posted by -JT-
Thanks for the answers, does anyone know when the new version is out ? (with the new ui)

Last I’ve heard: spring '04.


Hahahaha CIM, I LOVE the new avatar :smiley:


I downloaded the demo as well, but haven’t had too much time to mess with it yet.

Am I correct in assuming that the big feature in the next version is that instead of exporting a dense mesh with the “painted” detail, you can export a map that can be used to displace a subpatched object?

If so, that would be really cool.


I dont see why you guys dont like the interface of it. it just like a more complex photoshop.


ZBrush with Photoshop tools/interface…that would be nice!

Ive tried the demo as well. For me it’s a must have IF they turn it into a real tool 3D sculpting/painting tool, and not just have those features as an afterthought. Very promising though.

-Mike Pauza (3DPhysicist)