ZBrush 3.5 :: Product Focus


Hey there,

I interviewed a bunch of the beta testers for the newly released ZBrush 3.5 for Windows. These guys (and gal) are the busiest, most talented bunch of unbiased artists. Pixologic and indeed ZBrush have come a long way and by the effusive crits these guys (and gal) give the package, I reckon it has arrived.


Cool article. Zbrush is really becoming mind-blowing. I’m hopelessly addicted to the new zspheres and how easy it is to go through the modeling process, from a maleable 3d concept to a detailed high poly sculpt.

There is one more thing I’d like to be able to do in zbrush. It would be to easily punch holes in a mesh. Some kind of real-time adaptive skin that would change its topology at the lowest itteration whenever a signifficant change is made in any subdivision level. For example, if you were to use the snake hook brush to pull an area of your mesh way far out, its lowest itteration would extrude and the change would update throughout the subdivision hierarchy in real-time (that might be asking much). The deciding factor for the software to extrude or not would have to be based on some kind of edge distance threshold where it wouldn’t allow any area to be signifficantly less dense than another.

I’m sure thy’re working on it…:wip:


3.5 is a solid release, it just misses the updated zapp, subtool master etc. to be used at its full potential.
I welcome the smaller improvements that have been made, like the brush management system (no more alphas and intensities carried over at random), the project all options, perspective etc.
What I find crucial for the next versions is a masking system for layers and a simple way to get reference into the program. This is painful to do at the moment.


I have a question, have they changed the manner in which you move about a model yet, the perspective orientation just seemed really alien to me. All I can compare it to is when back in my days in max, you’d create a new perspective and it would be askew and would never uniformily rotate. This was always by biggest gripe with Zbrush.


Zbrush 3.5 has been out for a while now is this thread just like… well… free advertising?


They have a real camera navigation now. It was a blessing when I tried it out. Even though I liked the old one, this was a huge improvement. Much like the navigation in Maya, or at least is didnt annoy me as I swithed back and forward between the apps.

Pixologic really did over exceed themselves, from what I have seen and tried, this is by far their most solid update, and the most impressive update of a software ever.


Such inspiring work. Hopefully one day I may be around half as good as some of these guys.


Let’s not forget Decimation Master, which gets my vote for best Zplugin ever.


It’s been out for 5 weeks.


loads of great new things. only i haven’t had time to go around half of it yet. hope find the time soon.
one small question… mostly to mia lee.
you/she mentioned that she was now able to setup the export model with maps and all. how is that done? anyone knows.? -and what about the displacement settings. can they be set up aswell, before export?
this might be common knowledge to most of you… not to me. hehehe
might have misunderstood a bit or two…



I hope decimation master is rereleased for it.


I can’t wait for GoZ not having it is the only thing that marred this release to me.
I have been avoiding using zbrush as much as possible as I am just so burned out of all the exporting and importing. Once Goz is released for max I will be using zbrush in almost everything.


Hi RasmusW, basically in 3.5:
1- Generate a texture, normal and or displacement map for your finished tool.
2- Export your tool as a .ma file instead of .obj.
3- Open your model in Maya
Et voila! the exported .ma file has all of the maps you generated in Zbrush all set up for rendering in Maya. It’s still not GoZ yet, but you don’t have to hook up your shader network yourself anymore. (At least if you are using Maya)


Whats also cool is you can export your model and change topo on it and reimport it. zbrush transfers the mesh details perfectly. Thats a feature i’m most amped about. As plunq said. Its not GoZ but it basically is. Just not official ;).


Mmmmm! Objects of desire.
(Saving my pennies) :slight_smile:


‘‘Texturing mapping has been improved a lot in ZBrush 3.5. You can paint textures just like you do poly paint.’’

they changed the texturing painting ?


Nice article.
Shame 3.5 has 1 or 2 main problems forcing people to stick with trusted 3.1.
3.5 is huge disappoint for me, still lacks flexibility. I really hope goz will open her up and let her break free.

One more thing,
Bring on bloody voxels already sheesh. 3Dcoat will rain supreme in next year or two otherwise.


Pixologic doing their best to destroy wall between traditional 3D artists and new, free in imagination z-sculpters. Hope, that new Z-Sketch brushes (the most important improvement in my opinion) will help people to get into Z-Brush. I’m using 3.5 from two weeks and it surprised me a few times.


if your desparate for voxel as a way to sculpt, get 3dcoat.
if you prefer zbrushes zsketch and z sphere tecnology then get zbrush…personally i prefer zbrush’s general workflow as you can go back and forth and up and down resolution whereas 3dcoat your workin in a linear fashion…


uh, no… that’s just not right. But we will see in a year or two I guess.