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Hello everyone! SIGGRAPH is in full swing, and we know that everyone is hungry for ZBrush news. While a much larger announcement with more details will be coming after SIGGRAPH, we did want to share some information with the ZBC community as soon as possible.
[li] The next release of ZBrush will be Version 3.5.[/li][li] Version 3.5 will be released in the fourth quarter of 2008.[/li][li] ZBrush 3.5 will be a FREE upgrade to all registered users (PC and Mac).[/li][li] This will be the first unified version of ZBrush. That means that it will be released concurrently for Windows and Mac (Intel).[/li][/ul]Obviously, there are new features in store, as well. More will be shared about this in the announcement after SIGGRAPH and in the upcoming months.

Happy ZBrushing!


All major jumps on Mudbox (also, Z-Brush actually works on laptops! egadz). Will be interesting to see what they do features wise.


I can’t wait to see what they turn out at Siggraph.

As usual, my Power Mac G5 continues to die a quiet death with no pre-intel support. I can’t say I blame them.


I wouldn’t say they’re all major jumps. 1. Mudbox will be released first. 2. Upgrades mean nothing for new users. 3. it took them awhile to release Mac/PC at the same time, no? Granted, an existing ZB user should be happy… very happy. Pix has done a great job keeping their user base happy with new releases over the past 1-2 years. I’ve run Mudbox on my MBPro with no issues? Did ZB have issues in the past with stability on laptops?


You know alot of people right now are going wow mudbox looks amazing. :slight_smile:


I hope that this release will be mainly a major bug fixing release rather than bloated feature set.


Crossing fingers for the OSX version actually shipping when they say it will ship. :slight_smile: Been using and hating rebooting into Vista to use it for over a year now.

Let’s hope the news is real this time around.

Congrats if it is. :banghead:


Nope, most likely not.
It (mudbox) was scheduled for 2009 and I doubt it’s gonna change.
If Pixologic is promising a release before the end of the year I doubt MB will beat them at it. If they hasten the dev cycle mayeb match them.

  1. Upgrades mean nothing for new users.

No, but mudbox prime target is ZB’s clientèle first and foremost. If they give their current userbase one more reason (no additional expenses for the next features batch) to stick to ZB it is a jump on MB, although probably not that huge of a deal.
I think the people who want to drop ZB want to drop it for things that are inherent to it and unlikely to change in a .5 release.

I’ve run Mudbox on my MBPro with no issues? Did ZB have issues in the past with stability on laptops?

Is it an Intel MBPro?
A few people complained about the lack of support for non intel macs.
Personally I find it reasonable that nobody’s bothering with an obsolete and underperforming architecture.


Mudbox does look nice. I wasn’t expecting it at all. It’ll be interesting to see what Pixologic has up it’s sleeve, since the competition seems to be heating up. The concurrent release will be music to a lot of Mac users ears I think.


so excited!!!

Mudbox shmudbox. pah! I’m a Zbrush fanboy through and through lol

:bowdown: Feed us with your goodies O mighty ones :bowdown:

Now now, nothing wrong with mb in all seriousness, it looks very cool too. we can all play together :arteest:


It does kind of bite for those waiting for the OS X version. It’s been 4 years since 2.5 was promised as a free upgrade, and while most of that was waiting along with everyone else, version 3 then 3.1 were released, with the OS X version to be announced “soon” thereafter. I wonder if the only reason Windows users of ZBrush are getting 3.5 for free is because Pixologic hasn’t fulfilled its promises to OS X users.


competition makes things ooh so much more interesting. zbrush on one hand and mudbox on the other. I hope it stays that way for a long time. too many companies being bought kills the thrill.


Man I’m just hoping they do texture layers well. The reason Mudbox is stealing users from Pixologic is purely because now there is an app dedicated to just sculpting and painting a 3D model and outputting all the relevant maps. That in a nutshell is why the majority of professional users wanted ZBrush in the first place. Not the 2D stuff, not the 2.5D stuff (fibre brush? in production? are you mad?!), but the taking in of a 3D model, sculpting it and painting it easily. Now that it’s been shown you can do that without having to remember what seems like 17 fiddly buttons and menus just to get you started painting, I can see the appeal of a simple and familiar system. Pixologic is so close, and yet so far on every release. They always impress with the technology side of things, but fail miserably on the usability. I’ll be selling my ZBrush license to move over to Mudbox if this new free release implements texture layers as poorly as the 3D layers (I mean, come on, delete a layer and it bakes the changes if it was turned On when deleted, what’s that about? Any other app out there ever done that? No - so why make it confusing by not doing it like EVERY OTHER layer system!).


Now I think this is a pretty ridiculous statement. I mean with 3D layers you’re not talking about moving around or just deleting some pixels all of the changes are are still connected to the geometry and mesh subdivision level so it’s a little different.


No, I agree - it’s a bit rubbish in Zbrush.

You hit ‘delete layer’ and it applies any adjustments held in that layer to your object… Irreprably.

Can you imagine in Photoshop if you hit ‘delete layer’ and it flattened your image. It’s like that.

That’s not to say that you can’t get used to ZBrushes unique way of working, but there are times when flying in the face of convention simply means ‘look out - pigeons’.


Autodesk in their press release state they anticipate releasing in October. Are you privy to info that says they wont?


If that’s the case I take back what I said.
VERY surprised to hear it though, can’t say more about why sorry.


Well I suppose we wait and see as allways. Neither application has been entirely reliable in meeting release dates before so I dont expect too much.


The more Zbrush moves, the less I like Pixologic. Wtf sense does this make? People is waiting for announcements and they just get a number 3.5 noone cares about and say “many announcements coming in the upcoming months” which seeing how 3.1 got delayed, it might even take until 2009 for the announcements and 2010 for the release.

I’m 100% with ZB but looks like some good smell is coming from Autodesk, and Pixo are screwing it up not announcing.


not true. you certainly already heard of the following quite popular shortcut: ctrl+z?:stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: back to the topic: thats a very boring sig imho…(except xsi7 of course)