ZBrush 3.5, eminent release


Or they could just have updates once a week. :smiley:


or daily builds like houdini has.


Or they could do it how they want to do it and by doing so improve their work enviroment and thus the quality of their product.

Release dates are baaaad. Both for the developpers and the consumers.


Yeap that happens when you rush your carrots’ harvesting


Im a believer that all this missed dates are part of a strategy to confuse the competition (i mean Mudbox)… and to be honest it seems to work…


http://www.pixologic.com/zclassroom/homeroom/ enjoy! Can’t sleep (it’s 5:30AM here)


I can’t wait to see what people come up with using zspheres2 after the whole lumps of turds with muscles phase is over like shown in the videos.




Ouch, the interface and workflow look overly complicated… Zbrush really doesn’t have the architecture to properly support such complex features.
And that adaptive skinning part doesn’t look nice at all, but the unified remeshing is OK, even though you obviously have to redo the topology after that.

But for sculptors, it should be just fine, so they can work with the whole armature stuff for posing. With decimation master and polypainting, Zbrush can now implement the entire toy/collectible creation workflow digitally in a single app… but I’d still rather use simple poly modeling for everything else.


Some cool stuff there… but I see the combinations of Shift, Ctrl and Alt have increased once again…


which is good, cuz id rather have quick access to modifiers than having to locate button number 1463483739 for x feature. there really isnt that many to remember anyway.


Man, it’s unbelievable that such incredible awesomeness is heading our way. Hard surface brushes, zspheres2, procedural noise and the new plug ins that have come out or about to come out around 3.5 release… And then there would be a 4.0 too. It’s a new ZOMFG era!


It looks like we may have to wait anywhere between a week to three months more. From Pixologic support desk:


We are working to release 3.5 for the PC as quickly as possible. Last minute issues arose which forced the delay, and we are working overtime to correct this.

Once the launch has taken place, please wait two business days before contacting Pixologic to inquire about not having received an upgrade link. As stated below, links will be sent out in batches and it may take a couple days for them all to be sent. We have updated the instructions below to reflect the new schedule. Please do not follow the original schedule to contact Pixologic regarding your upgrade status! Inquiring before the launch has happened, or within two business days of launch will not speed anything up. It will in fact slow us down.

We appreciate your support of Pixologic, and ask for just a bit more patience while we work to provide you with the most polished ZBrush 3.5 possible


I hate to say it but I think there is something disenchanting about this round of Zbrush development… I have been watching the vids of the new features roll out in the class room… Looks kinda beta… Particularly the planar tools. I see a lot of new Buttons and brushes occupying an awful lot of space that serve very particular tasks. First glance Feels like loose Beta toys that never really got boiled down to be unified trusty tools. I hope I’m wrong and I love it…



Funny thing is I understand the more programmers you have the more often these delays pop up, because there’s more chance that this guy doesn’t know what that guy is doing.


Well possibly… but… Having beta testers who don’t make any useful contributions can cause all sorts of problems. A lot of beta testers will just use the new software even if it is somewhat broken. They’ll use it and not report a lot of glitches because they’re finding workarounds. Then when the app is one week away from being released. The beta testers freak out because the chances of being stuck with mildly glitchy tools is a scary thought. So they start submitting large lists of glitches. And if you are a zbrush user you know actual updates don’t come very often. So some bugs and glitches might be around for quite some time.

The only upside I can see for pixologic doing beta tests is that they get to show off work done with the most recent tools in there galleries. Other than that, unpaid beta testers usually aren’t the best means to solidfying a final product.


It’s been released:



Yep. Got my zMail for the upgrade today. Now what am I going to do with all these carrots?


Wont install for me .

“The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Installing the application may fix the problem.”

Great help seeing as im just trying to install it on a brand new fresh windows xp 32bit install. With .net 3.5 as well.

I cant even install the damm thing.


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