ZBrush 2 crashes on Create DispMap...?


I’m using ZBrush 2, importing a low-poly character from Maya 6 so I can paint details on the mesh and eventually extract a displacement map. I’ve got the character in two parts, head (so I can do blend shapes later) and body. Problem is, every time I load in the body part, subdivide it a couple times, and hit the Create DispMap button, ZBrush crashes. “Zbrush 2 has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.”

The head part works just fine.

Any ideas how I can get around this?

Here’s a link to the .obj file I exported from Maya: http://erbach.jadegrel.net/boy_body.obj
And the original Maya scene file: http://erbach.jadegrel.net/boy_v06_rig.mb

Thanks much…


I haven’t looked at you models, but one thing to look out for is any overlapping UV’s. I’ve had problems with overlapping UV’s before, and it usually produces the same results, i.e. the crash.


Thanks Chad, I tried redoing my UV layout and it seems to have fixed the problem.


I’m working on a model right now with overlapped uv’s. Zbrush crashed for me as well until I stopped checking the Smooth UV option. So it seemed to work fine. I had to go back and move a couple things around in my maya file. Before I re-exported it to an obj for zbrush, I ran poly cleanup and it worked fine even with smooth UV in zbrush.

One odd thing is that for some reason my normal map displays corrently even with overlayed uv’s. I was expecting it to have one half with the bump going in and the other half with the bump going out.


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