Zatanna When bunnies attack, Reinaldo Quintero (2D)


Title: Zatanna When bunnies attack
Name: Reinaldo Quintero
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Actually I’m getting really fast colouring these artworks, as commented by some I’ve added a Gag, at first I thought of using it but I thought it was too kinky, but What the hell I like it!

This was another Quick sketch commission for turned into a fully finished artwork.

Zatanna Original DC Comics Character.


This is on the kinky side (like S&M), but the artistry itself is very good. Great angle of the pose and stylization of hte character and bunnies (I would never attempt it). I can really feel the fear in her face, and I really like her hair. The bunnies remind me of the killer rabbit from Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” movie (even the red eyes and huge teeth).

As to the woman’s position and line contours I both like and am not sure about the curvature of her body sections. Something about it feels both overdone and well done and compositionally clever (it’s kind of strange, but I actually like it). It’s how the ropes section off her body to three main curved contours of her shoulders, her well dowed breast, and her hips and legs. They create a great shape for her compositionally for the piece that works out very well here.

I also like the bunny that’s launched himself in the air. The front paws are cute but the back left leg (our left) is a little crooked. Good color palatte as well. I guess others a little afraid to talk about this piece, but I decided to give it a try for it’s actual artistic qualities. I hope you liked it. Keep it up. Nicely done.


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