I am having problem with z-depth channel. I check to render z-depth, rla(extension).
Render with batch render. And than import into f-check, when I type z to see channel it give me a message that z is not load and when import into shake I also can se z-depth channel.

Where I do the wrong thing(in what part of the process) our maybe it’s a something other.
Can someone help me?



did u check your depth settings in the camera attribute editor and also the checkbox z-depth in the render globals ?!



*.rla files:
Sometimes the ‘load’ into ‘fcheck’ has to be done twice!
(type ‘z’ to view Z Channel)



one discovery and one question!?

the discovery is that you can’t see z-depth in FCheck if you import animation, only a image…stupid!

the question is when you open fcheck you got two windows in the second window if you press Z button to se z-depth you receive info on a Z range example( Z range: [-0.039555 , -0.016555]), This is useful for composting, but how can I make this range to go from o to 1 for example?



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