Z-depth not work, how I wrong?


What is it you’re trying to do with the AddChannels node?

I think what you actually want to be using is the Shuffle node (or ShuffleCopy if you want to pull the channels into a different image stream)


Hi everybody,

I searched different tutorial about use of zdpeth channel on nuke but without result.

Here a picture of my problem. I rendered my sequence in 2 different tipe, directly on *.exr format (with alpha-zpedth and velocity) and simply in a sequence with different channel…diffuse,reflection,zpedth,velocity etc etc…

In both case when I use the “Zblur” on nuke I see only one plane of 3. And if I see the zdepth channel directly in viewer is completly black! This is that I use the .exr file is I use the “addchannel” to add my zdepth sequence to zdepth layer in nuke.

How you see in picture, on the left side I have the simple zdepth sequence, and on the right the zdepth view…black!! :smiley:


I have no idea how my post ended up above yours there… Mine was meant to be the reply!

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AH ok. I need the shuffle and not the add channel ? ok I try


The AddChannel node is for adding in new channels with a constant value (0 in your case here). The Shuffle node is for rearranging what channel data in in which channel, which is what you want.


Thanks Hugh … now t’s work ! thanks

the green plane in zblur not see corerctly…but I suppose is a problem of my zdepth output from max.

Thanks again


Hugh…another question…and for velocity pass? same procedure? beacuase I try, but if I choose motion on shufflecopy I have only uv coordinate but my velocity pass is a rgb…with 3coordinate…or not?


Most of the time when you’re applying your motion blur in comp, you’re only applying 2D motion blur (X and Y) and ignoring the Z component. It really depends on how you’re going to be actually working with the motion pass.


Thanks Hugh for your support.

here a link of my thread when a Posted now a link of my video.

Thanks so much


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