Z Brush - selection of Z spheres Question



I’m new to Z brush ( I have z brush 3) and was trying to create a base with zspheres. I saved my file and when I went to go back to work on it. It would not allow me to reselect my zsphere chain. To edit or add to it. It was forcing me to create a new z spheres. Is there away that I can select that old zsphere chain and edit it? The edit mode seems to be unselectable.



did you save the file as a .ztl? and are you in edit mode?



I saved the file as .zbr . The draw mode is the only option selectable and when I mouse over the chain none of the spheres are selectable. Is there a way to work with this? how do I save it as a .ztl?



If you go ‘save as’ under the tool palette it saves as a .ztl. you might have to recreate your zsphere chain if it saved as a brush file (.zbr).

when you save as a .zbr file, it saves a 2.5D file i believe, so you cant really work with it. .ztl saves out a workable 3d file, same as any other 3d package.


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