Yuji, Rui Shen (3D)


Title: Yuji
Name: Rui Shen
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is my new work which originated from a chinese old story “Farewell My Concubine”,the man is west king, at that time,his lost his battle, the female’s name is Yuji, by way of not encumbering her husband,she would kill herself, I use beijing opera form to annotation this story.
Sorry for my bad English! Hope you like it!


well done :thumbsup:


very good I like it


Very nice render indeed. I love the clothing. A big :thumbsup: from me


Thanks! 谢谢, 我喜欢你的奥巴马 还有张国荣 呵呵


excellent inspired work
but why the women’s face is so flat isn’t need some details ?


非常喜欢,Good job///


Wow ! Beautiful picture :thumbsup:


Really nice work:applause:


Thanks very much for all your suggestions!:beer:


Great work! The color can adjust a little bit more beautiful.


i love it … excellent work shen :thumbsup:


very good ilike the picture


Beautiful. Five stars from me!


5 stars from me. I’d like the lighting to be more dramatic in order to fit into the mood. If you done that, it would be 6 stars:)


非常喜欢 …:thumbsup:


This is superb, awesome composition and the expressions suggest a very profound universe.

Thumbs up :slight_smile:


very nice!!!


nice job


Is proud for you, likes your work very much