Yu ( chinese girl)


I’m working on this character to check my modeling/texturing capacities. she has got about 3500 polys. So far I used only two colormaps ( hair and skin) and one spec map ( hair).
C&C are welcome !



She doesnt look chinese at all. I never saw a chinese who looked like that.
And the black hair wont make me change my mind about that.
I suggest you look at some reference pics.
I can tell you the nose is way off and the cheekbones should be higher and more defined.
Eyes look odd and neither chinese or european etc.
references will make your day.


Also why do you care about how many polys she has unless you are doing a realtime game char?


What comments…
The polycount is not my problem, I don’t care about, it is just to give details on my work.
I will review my work because it seems to be such weird that I hurt someone :smiley: .
Ok, I’ll post new pictures soon.


Ok, I reviewed the head ( jaw thinner, cheekbones moved up,etc…); so I hope she looks better to you. I’ve been modeling her body and some underclothes. So far she lacks hands and feet , I will work onto.


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