yozhyk, Anton Bugaev (3D)


Title: yozhyk
Name: Anton Bugaev
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max

3DS Max7 and photoshop.The image is rendered by Vray.
Please look at the hires image for a larger veiw.
Comments are most welcome.Thanks


another awesome character!! Excellent!!


Great work Man, I like the character design. Is this Vray fur or did you used hair fx converted to mesh ? I never got nice renders with vray and hair fx . . . It would be nice to do a quick explanation of your process !


Woah! pretty funny character :thumbsup:


sorry, i dont like the nose…

the rest is cool, but that nose :argh:


Cool character:thumbsup:
awesome work


Creepy character, great job on the fur! Better expression on his face would av’ been nice to show him off(very minor crit). But great work! :thumbsup:


well well heres another nice char from u… good work!


haha- great character! very funny


cool character, I like it alot


oh oh
little guy ,just cute on its face!


great design, it’s cute :thumbsup:


That is one amazing character, I really love it ;).


Very cute. I love the design and posing.


Great character design. love it :thumbsup:

Hamed Katebi


Nice design man! I like fur on character.
Could you elaborate on this a little bit? Some more explanation, settings which you used for Hair modifier.


Looks cool!


Oh hahahaha this made me laugh on sight. Great job. :slight_smile:


Looks cool!


=))) za4ot