Your Opinion on Art Institutes San Francisco Computer Animation Programs


Guys please share your opinion on Art Institutes San Francisco, MFA Computer Animation Programs, It’s 2 years program and I’m from India and I’m looking to study there but before that I have few Questions and please help me.

  1. is Art Institutes of San Francisco is well reputed college?

  2. Graduating MFA Computer Animation program at Art Institutes of San Francisco is worth time and money?

  3. any idea on their connection with companies?

4.How well program taught? any alumni can help?

  1. Please your opinion and your advice, this will really very helpful!

Thank You



I have never attended the “Art institute” but I have heard good and bad about them,you will have to ask a former student about that. I will tell you that most folks here might recommend the "Gnomon school or one like it. I hope that helped. I will say I find the art institute overpriced.


The Art Institutes are bad. At their best, they give you a mediocre education at a vastly inflated price; more frequently, they’re a total wast of time and money. If you’re looking for an MFA animation program in the Bay Area, Academy of Art is a much better program (though they’re certainly not without their own problems).


If you are willing to come to Vancouver, B.C. Lost Boys - School of VFX offers two excellent programs, VFX Compositing and FX TD (Houdini). Feel free to e-mail directly with any questions All the best!


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